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Osteopathic massage at our private clinics in London

Updated: May 12

Although the World Health Organisation (WHO) have now declared that COVID-19 is no longer a global health emergency, thousands of people across the world are still suffering from the effects of the pandemic. Many people have been affected by a mysterious illness also known as long COVID. Long COVID has been described by the WHO as the continuation or development of new symptoms three months after initially being infected by COVID-19. The most common long COVID symptoms are tiredness, shortness of breath, cough and flu-like symptoms. These are similar to the symptoms of the actual disease. Studies show that there are over 200 symptoms of long COVID affecting patients differently and sometimes even preventing them from carrying on with their normal everyday lives. Approximately 20% of people who are infected by COVID-19 are thought to be affected by long COVID. It can occur in patients of all ages regardless of how severely you are infected by the disease. Even those who have had mild symptoms of COVID-19 can go on to experience long COVID. If you have been affected by long COVID whether you have received a positive diagnosis or you are self-reporting, you need to speak to us at Rakhee Osteopathy and find out about Long Covid Fatigue Symptom Relief in London.

Long Covid Fatigue Symptom Relief in London

At Rakhee Osteopathy over the last two years, we have helped many patients manage their Long Covid Fatigue Symptoms in London using osteopathic massage techniques to help improve your health and wellbeing. Our specialist massage techniques are thought to increase blood flow and lymph flow around the body. Increased blood flow helps your organ systems to work more effectively. Improved lymph flow helps remove toxins from the body and in turn helps the organ systems function more effectively as well. An infection such as COVID-19 can put a lot of strain on the organ systems and it is thought that many toxins remain as a result of the immune response to the virus. By clearing these toxins from the body our massage techniques will help you get back on your feet and feel like your usual self once more.

Individually tailored treatment plans

By visiting our website you can read how patients have benefitted at our private clinic. Book a consultation and visit us in person so that we can put together an individually tailored treatment plan for you. We will carry out a medical questionnaire making sure that there are no other medical conditions which may explain your symptoms. If so you will be referred to your GP accordingly. If your symptoms are caused by long COVID then we will put together our own treatment plan accordingly. By maintaining a healthy diet and undergoing osteopathic massage therapy, you will be able to reduce your symptoms slowly but surely and eventually alleviate the symptoms altogether. Speak to us at Rakhee Osteopathy today and find out more about recovering from long COVID.


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