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Improving life with Long Covid Fatigue Symptom Relief in London at our private clinics

Updated: May 12

private long Covid clinic london

Long COVID is a debilitating illness that has affected approximately 15% of patients who were infected by COVID-19, possibly more. It is thought that in 2023 more than 1.5 million patients are still suffering from long COVID and no two people have quite the same experience.

The effects of long COVID are severe, with most patients unable to return to work in a normal capacity. Anyone can be affected by long COVID regardless of how young or fit they are. Children can also be affected by long COVID. Strangely, studies show that most people who are suffering from long COVID had a relatively mild or moderate initial infection. They were not only severe, hospitalised cases, although these patients suffer from long COVID too. Some patients notice improvement in their symptoms followed by relapse. The illness itself is a mystery and research is ongoing to find out more about the science behind long COVID.

Long Covid Fatigue Symptom Relief in London

There is a wide range of long COVID symptoms with fatigue being the most commonly reported and most debilitating. Other symptoms include coughing and breathlessness, aches and pains in muscles and joints, sleep disturbances, and symptoms of anxiety and depression. These symptoms can last for months or even years and can sometimes result in disability. Your doctor may be able to prescribe medication to relieve common symptoms such as coughs, aches and pains, and headaches. You can receive counselling for mental health issues including anxiety and depression, and you can try relaxation techniques to help with your sleep. Unfortunately many patients find that these methods can help symptoms subside temporarily, but they do not go away.

The Perrin Technique

Over the last 2 years our private clinics in London has been helping patients who are suffering from a wide range of long COVID symptoms that are similar to the symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or CFS/ME. As mentioned, one of the most common symptoms of long COVID is debilitating fatigue. This is also the main symptom of CFS/ME. CFS/ME has been managed successfully for many decades using The Perrin Technique at our private clinics London. We have helped hundreds of patients manage their symptoms so that they can live a normal life and in many cases we have helped combat the symptoms altogether. In the same way we have been using The Perrin Technique to help patients with Long Covid Fatigue Symptom Relief in London either be in control of their symptoms or combat their symptoms completely and get back to a normal life.

The Perrin Technique is an osteopathic massage technique that encourages the lymphatic system to drain toxins from the body. In turn this promotes better health and wellbeing. If you have been infected by COVID-19 then it is likely that this may have caused a build-up of different types of toxins in the body and by removing these effectively we hope that we can combat your symptoms of long COVID and restore your good health and wellbeing. Speak to our private clinic today and let us put together a treatment plan for you.


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