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Neuro-lymphatic Drainage 

What is Neuro-lymphatic drainage?

Neuro-lymphatic drainage is a recognised form of therapy which is a powerful integrative system working on the lymphatic and neuro- muscular systems. During the treatment specific lymphatic points are manually stimulated to help drain the lymph surrounding the nervous system, which subsequently works to alleviate neurological symptoms found with lymphatic issues and neuro-inflammation and neurological disorders and diseases.

Rakhee has attended neuro-lymphatic drainage courses with Dr Raymond Perrin qualifying her to treat patients with these conditions and associated symptoms. With everyday stress levels ever increasing this treatment can also be beneficial for those who are looking to combat the stressors of everyday life, improve brain functioning and ensure optimal health.

Image by Jesper Aggergaard

How does Neuro-lymphatic drainage work?

The lymphatic system is a large network made up of lymphatic vessels, lymphatic organs, lymphatic tissues and lymph nodes where the primary function is to transport lymph fluid around the body and act as a drainage system. It carries various proteins, fats and hormones to cells and is a key part of the immune system, producing antibodies and white blood cells to help the body fight off infections. Over time unwanted toxins can accumulate in the lymphatic system leading to congestion, imbalances and certain chronic health conditions. By stimulating specific lymphatic drainage points which are connected to the nervous system, this encourages the lymphatic system to flow across the nervous system and throughout the entire body aiding with the detoxification of accumulated and congested toxins, as well as eliminating waste products, alleviating lymphatic pressure in certain areas and reducing overall inflammation in the body. The aim is to ensure that the lymphatic system, nervous system and surrounding tissues and organs regain optimal function and to restore energy flow and balance throughout the body. Over the last few years, Rakhee and her team are seeing an increasing number of patients who present with CFS symptom.


What will happen during the consultation? 

The initial consultation is 90 minutes long and involves taking a full case history where your condition will be discussed and how it impacts you and affects your life. A full physical examination will be completed followed by an outline of how the treatment works; details of the research that supports this treatment approach as well as a prognosis and framework for the tailored follow up treatment plan to improve your quality of life and support you during the recovery process. You may want to bring a chaperone (partner or friend) with you to your first appointment because of the need to examine the spinal and breast tissue to provide an accurate assessment. There is also a requirement for you to sign a consent form to allow us to proceed with assessment and treatment in a professional manner. 

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