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Chronic fatigue patients - how we help

Perrin technique in London

There are several possible mechanisms associated with the disease, chronic fatigue syndrome. In fact, it's definition as a syndrome implies that it's mechanism is not yet set in stone and that chronic fatigue, as it currently stands, is a collection of symptoms that seem to occur together and therefore share some form of common cause.

Use of the Perrin technique in London for the treatment and management of chronic fatigue is related to a school of thought which links the symptoms of chronic fatigue; its pain, lack of concentration and sleep disturbances with an imbalance of inflammation proteins and the waste products of metabolism building up in the cerebral spinal fluid. The removal of such waste products throughout the human body is performed by the lymphatic system and until very recently, associations between the lymphatic system and cerebrospinal fluid were not thought to exist. The work of Dr Perrin throughout the 80s and 90s was to establish this link and show that the use of manual lymphatic drainage could have an effect on the chemical make-up of cerebrospinal fluid and therefore the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome and other painful fibromyalgia like conditions.

Despite its name, one of the first symptoms that is often experienced by chronic fatigue patients is muscle soreness; this severe skeletal muscle pain can quickly become an obstruction to everyday life. But, with no obvious cause, pain relief in the form of ibuprofen and and codeine is usually the first stage in management. We, unfortunately, have met many patients who even have this level of care denied to them because of the apparent lack of physical cause for their discomfort.

The current diagnostic protocol used by the National Health Service is one of exclusion, meaning that a diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome or fibromyalgia will only be issued in the event that all the other causes are excluded. This can take a significant amount of time and results in a delay in treatment, often with symptoms getting worse in the interim.

Pre-treatment and assessment

Due to these issues related to diagnostics, we perform our own in-house assessments on all potential patients during their first visit. This gives us the opportunity to talk through and fully explain the benefits and role of the Perrin technique in London in their care. But, it also helps us to perform our own in-depth examination of your medical history, as well as current and past symptoms in order to deduce whether a diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome would be suitable in your case. We carry out these in-house assessments regardless of your current diagnostic status and will consider any patient at this stage in care.

We see this as an opportunity to address some of the diagnostic inadequacies that our patients unfortunately have to go through on a regular basis and we are very sympathetic towards those who have been denied care on the grounds of over sceptical diagnostics.

If you have any concerns about your own health or questions about the Perrin technique in London, please feel free to get in contact with the clinic and even if we cannot get back to you immediately, we will always respond to any messages you leave. Also, feel free to email us too!


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