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Understanding CFS/ME with The Perrin Technique London

The Perrin Technique London

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS/ME) is a multisystem disorder that can affect all aspects of life. It is mainly characterised by extreme fatigue that does not go away with rest or sleep and can affect your cognitive function, causing headaches and preventing you from thinking properly or being able to concentrate. CFS/ME can also affect your memory and cause brain fog.

Patients report flu-like symptoms as well as aches and pains in their muscles and joints. Unfortunately, over time, patients become confined to their homes and find themselves in wheelchairs or beds. Much research has been carried out into CFS/ME; however, it remains a mysterious disease, and health professionals are unable to decide on a universal treatment or medication that can help combat these symptoms.

Causes of CFS/ME

It is believed that the symptoms of CFS/ME have a range of possible causes, such as viral or bacterial infections and environmental chemicals and pollutants. It is even thought to be caused due to physical or emotional stress, causing hormones to become imbalanced and resulting in the wide range of debilitating symptoms that patients exhibit.

Research into CFS/ME

Dr Raymond Perrin, a renowned osteopath and neuroscientist, has been studying CFS/ME since 1989. He inadvertently treated a patient’s symptoms using osteopathic massage techniques. Since then, he continued his extensive research into the disease to develop The Perrin Technique London. The Perrin Technique is now used popularly in the diagnosis and management of the symptoms of CFS/ME. Here at Rakhee Osteopathy, we are pleased to offer you The Perrin Technique London with our award-winning practitioner to help you understand your symptoms and manage them successfully until you can get your life back on track.

Managing the symptoms of CFS/ME

The technique involves specialised massages of the head, neck, shoulder and back. The massages are designed to stimulate fluid flow and encourage better drainage of toxins from the central nervous system. If toxins can be drained more effectively, the body can function better and combat the symptoms of CFS/ME. These massage sessions need to be performed regularly, and you may be shown simple massage techniques that you can carry out by yourself or with the help of a loved one in the comfort of your home. You should also maintain a healthy diet at the same time to promote better health and wellbeing.

The disabling symptoms of CFS/ME have also been found in patients affected by COVID-19 who do not seem to recover fully from it. This is known as Long COVID, and over the last two years, it is something that most of us have heard of or even experienced.

If you have been affected by Long COVID, speak to us at Rakhee Osteopathy and find out how patients have seen improvements in their symptoms by undergoing a course of treatment with The Perrin Technique London. We can put together a tailored treatment plan for you and help you manage your symptoms more effectively to restore good health and wellbeing.


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