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perrin technique for chronic fatigue syndrome(CFS)/ ME

Welcome to
Rakhee Mediratta Osteopathy
Registered Osteopath 
Advanced Licensed 
Perrin Practitioner in London

Awarded Twice for Excellence in the Perrin Technique by Dr Raymond Perrin

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Rakhee has helped over 5,000+ patients in 17 years

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Suffering with Chronic Fatigue?

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FREE 15 minute discovery call with our Perrin Technique advisor Sophie.

Discuss how we can help you, learn about the treatments and answer any questions you may have. 

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  • How long you have experienced these symptoms

chronic fatigue relief london

Chronic Fatigue Relief 

Fibromyalgia Relief london

Fibromyalgia Relief

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Reduction in fatigue symptoms related to Long Covid

Perrin Technique
Patient Consultation from £165

90 minute appointment which covers:
Consultation, Examination AND Diagnosis

Ongoing 30min sessions from £80

Suffering with Chronic fatigue? Fibromyalgia? Long Covid fatigue?

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What our patients say

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I was diagnosed with ME about 3 and half years before I met Rakhee..

My symptoms were very broad and bad, I had lots of cognitive issues -sensory overload, general cognitive impairment in terms of daily activities such as reading, watching TV and having conversations.

Physically very weak and constantly fatigued..some days I could barely make myself a cup of tea.

After a year of The Perrin Technique with Rakhee, my symptoms have lessened so much, I can read again, work and socialise.

I'm not 100% recovered, and will continue to see Rakhee.

I owe that to Rakhee and The Perrin Technique and am very grateful to her.

-  Hannah -

Rakhee Mediratta

From where I was 2 years ago, too where I am now I've had so much improvement especially with my neurological symptoms, brain fog, brain pressure and my mood as well.

I continue having Perrin treatment as it helps me so much,

It helps with my brain function and in general keeps my lymphatic system moving and helps my nervous system a lot.

I'm really glad I started Perrin. Its been really valuable to me on my healing journey.

-  Sarah -


Rakhee Mediratta


When I first went to Rakhee, I had such a foggy brain I could barely have a conversation with her and barely fill in the questionnaire!

I had very low mood and bad anxiety, I got confused and forgetful and my energy was low all the time...

Since seeing Rakhee, my energy has improved loads, I'm able to exercise. see friends and socialise and have a normal live basically.

My anxiety is a lot better and mood a lot better.

Everything has improved!

I'm really really grateful and Perrin was definitely worth it!

-  Gemma -

Rakhee Mediratta

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As seen in:

Check out Rakhee's Daily Mail article 


Check out Rakhee's article in The Telegraph

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     I have been suffering from M.E/Chronic fatigue syndrome for over 20 years. I have been having the Perrin Technique with Rakhee for 18 months now. I am much better and able to start work again! Thank you to Rakhee, a brilliant practitioner.

- Testimonial by CFS/ME Patient -

The Perrin Technique London ~ Chalfont 

About Rakhee Mediratta Osteopathy

Rakhee Mediratta uses osteopathy which is a form of non-invasive manual treatment alongside The Perrin Technique in London and Cranio-Sacral Therapy to provide relief from a variety of issues by treating and strengthening the musculoskeletal framework. Osteopaths see a lot of patients who have tried other approaches with limited success but this unique whole body approach to healthcare, alongside Rakhee’s knowledge, experience and personalised treatments which are tailored to each individual's needs aim to help patients get well and stay well. Rakhee is registered with the General Osteopathic Council and adheres to their strict professional code of conduct and practice. You can read more about Rakhee as a practitioner here

We provide relief from:

-Chronic fatigue syndrome(CFS)/ ME using the perrin technique
- General aches & pains, including fibromyalgia pain 
- Joint pain including arthritis pain 
- Pelvis, hip, knee pain
- General, acute & chronic back pain
- Neck pain, headaches & migraine prevention
- Neuralgia including sciatica 
- Shoulder or elbow pain

- Hyper-mobility symptoms
- Including frozen shoulder & tennis elbow 
- Muscle spasms
- Minor sporting injuries & tensions
- Disc injuries 
- Tension & inability to relax
- Poor circulation
- Rheumatism 
- Digestion issues


Over 17+ years of experience treating patients

CFS Help

Twice visiting practitioner:

At the award winning

Wellness Sanctuary & Holistic Spa

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Check out Rakhee's recommendation 

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Rakhee’s Beliefs

    I believe in addressing each patient as a unique individual; assessing, treating and managing their conditions as an integrative whole-body approach rather than as individual symptoms, with an interest in how our environment, whether it be physical or mental stressors can negatively impact our body.

Success Stories

I have been suffering from severe CFS, fibromyalgia, Lyme Disease and neurological symptoms for more than 10 years. 

I have have tried numerous varied treatments in the past but nothing seemed to help; my health continued to deteriorate until I discovered Rakhee, The Perrin Technique, Craniosacral Therapy and Neuro-Lymphatic Drainage.

After visiting Rakhee

Within 3-6 months I gradually became able to walk instead of needing to use a wheelchair. Over time my energy levels and strength have continued to improve so I am now able to live independently after depending on full time care for over 6 years. The neurological treatment has improved my symptoms so much that I am now managing to work part time after 10 years of being unable to work. 

I feel like Rakhee has helped me the most due to her level of understanding and extensive experience treating Lyme Disease, chronic pain and neurological disorders. She has been the best investment for my health and worth every penny spent. I highly recommend Rakhee for anyone struggling with these conditions. Rakhee and the treatments have completely changed my life. 

-  Patient -

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     Rakhee always makes me feel at ease with her knowledge and experience. I always look forward to our sessions and feel I am in safe hands! She has a lot of experience treating patients with fibromyalgia and understands the complexity of these conditions. She always explains everything to me and offers helpful advice. She has really helped me with my recovery so far.

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