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Treating CFS/ME with The Perrin Technique in London

The Perrin Technique in London

We understand how painful and difficult living with CFS/ME can be. We know that you’ve probably tried countless medications and other recommendations to help with pain management and symptom alleviation. Maybe they worked well but you’re looking for something new or maybe they didn’t work at all and you’re on a new search for the next treatment in your journey. That’s why we’d like to introduce you to The Perrin Technique in London, a completely natural treatment that does not involve medications.

Here at Rakhee Osteopathy, we like to take the natural approach. We understand that each of our patients and their conditions are unique, as well as the symptoms they’re experiencing. By looking at the body as a whole, we’re able to understand the symptoms better rather than rushing to just fix the symptoms without finding the source. You can trust us to have your best interests at heart.

In this brief post, we’ll talk about how we aim to treat CFS/ME patients with The Perrin Technique in London, focusing on how it works and why the technique should be your next step in symptom alleviation.

What is CFS/ME?

If you already have CFS/ME, then you’re aware of the symptoms. However, if you’re looking for diagnosis using The Perrin Technique in London, we think it is important that you know the symptoms of CFS/ME. The wide ranging list of symptoms can include include feeling tired all of the time, feeling tired even after you’re fully rested, taking a long time to recover after periods of activity, waking up constantly during the night or having problems with your sleep, problems with your memory and concentration, muscle ache and joint pain, headaches and flu-like symptoms. CFS/ME can be caused by numerous factors including infections - viral or bacterial, environmental toxins, emotional stress, immune system dysfunction and even genetics can play a part.


When you suffer from infections or inflammation, they’re usually drained through your body and detoxified within the liver, allowing you to recover. If you have CFS/ME, however, it is unlikely that this can happen on its own, causing even more inflammation and infections with the number of toxins in your body continuing to rise. Using this technique, we can manually stimulate the motion of fluid in your body and help to direct the toxins so that they drain and become detoxified. It is these toxins that can cause the symptoms in CFS/ME, so our drainage technique can help to alleviate them.


The Perrin Technique can also be used to treat Long-covid symptoms, which can manifest in the form of fatigue, dizziness, aches and pains and many more. We can use cranial and spinal techniques as well as soft tissue massage to hopefully offer relief from the long-term symptoms.

The consultation

The initial consultation with us can last up to 90 minutes and it is important to us that we gather all the information needed before starting the technique. During this appointment, we’d also like to explain the technique to you and walk you through the steps. We will also agree on an aftercare treatment plan that will only help to keep the symptoms alleviated.


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