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The Perrin technique in the treatment of CFS/ME

Perrin technique in London.

The effects of CFS/ME

Chronic fatigue syndrome also known as CFS/ME is a mysterious multi system disease, which there is still a lot of confusion and uncertainty around. Unfortunately it is very difficult to diagnose and easy to misdiagnose, and without management, CFS/ME can have a devastating impact on your life and those around you. It begins with the symptoms of tiredness and lethargy which progress to extreme fatigue when carrying out or attempting to carry out daily activities and if left untreated then it can result in loss of mobility until the patient is wheelchair bound or completely bed bound and cannot do anything for themselves. CFS/ME affects healthy brain function and patients can be affected by confusion, lack of concentration, and loss of memory until some patients can no longer hold a full conversation. It is an extremely traumatic situation to be faced with, but here at Rakhee Osteopathy we are here to help.

The Perrin technique

There are no clearly defined treatments for CFS/ME due to the lack of certainty with regard to the way in which this disease works. Each patient is affected differently with varying degrees of severity and therefore it is difficult to pinpoint one exact method of treatment which is suitable for all. We at Rakhee Osteopathy are a double-award-winning practitioner of the Perrin technique in London. This is a popular technique which uses osteopathic massage to help reduce the symptoms of CFS/ME. This technique was begun in 1989 by British osteopath and neurologist Dr Raymond Perrin after whom it is named.

Dr Raymond Perrin found that specialised massage techniques helped eliminate the symptoms of CFS/ME and has been investigating this further for the last few decades. Whilst he was carrying out osteopathic massage techniques on a cyclist who was presenting with lower back pain and also suffering from symptoms of CFS/ME, the cyclist found that the specialised massages of his lower back were helping to reduce the symptoms that he was suffering with from CFS/ME. Dr Perrin investigated this further and developed the Perrin technique in London which has become a popular choice of therapy for CFS/ME sufferers for many years now and has even been trialled by the NHS recently because of its efficacy and potential. Dr Perrin has carried out endless research on this technique and here at Rakhee Osteopathy we have been proud practitioners of the technique for over 14 years now and have been awarded twice for excellence by Dr Raymond Perrin himself.

The Perrin technique in London works using specialised massage of the back, neck, head and chest, carried out by our expert practitioners, designed to manually encourage and activate lymphatic drainage, to help eliminate the excess toxins from the cerebrospinal fluid. We will also teach you simple techniques that you can carry out at home to help speed up your recovery. Speak to us at Rakhee Osteopathy today and find out more about the Perrin technique in London and how it may help you on your journey to alleviating the symptoms of CFS/ME.


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