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The Perrin Technique at Rakhee Osteopathy in London

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

The Perrin Technique

The Perrin Technique is an osteopathic technique developed by Dr Raymond Perrin for the diagnosis and management of the symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or CFS/ME. CFS/ME is a complex disorder that affects multiple systems of the body and manifests itself with devastating consequences. There is no definitive diagnosis or treatment for CFS/ME, yet there are thousands of patients across the country who are suffering from this disease.

CFS/ME can affect a patient at any stage of life; it has been detected in patients as young as five years old and can even affect the elderly. CFS/ME can begin with tiredness and flu-like symptoms, which worsen to result in Chronic Fatigue, leaving some patients in a wheelchair or bed bound and unable to carry out daily tasks for themselves any longer. This can have devastating consequences on all aspects of life.

Diagnosing CFS/ME with The Perrin Technique

Here at Rakhee Osteopathy, we can help provide a diagnosis for your symptoms. The Perrin Technique looks for physical signs to provide a positive diagnosis for the disease. There are 5 specific signs that Dr Perrin believes to be common amongst CFS/ME patients. First, we look for thoracic spine abnormalities, breast varicosities, a tender Perrin’s point, a tender coeliac plexus, and reduced cranial flow. By identifying these signs, we can put together an individually tailored treatment plan for you.

Combatting the symptoms of CFS/ME

The Perrin Technique is designed to help combat the symptoms of CFS/ME using specialised osteopathic massage techniques. These techniques can be used to manage the symptoms of other similar diseases, such as fibromyalgia and Lyme disease. Many patients have also tried The Perrin Technique to help reduce the fatigue they experienced following infection by COVID-19.

The presence of ongoing symptoms following a COVID-19 infection is known as long Covid, and many patients have reported an improvement in vitality and overall wellbeing after undergoing The Perrin Technique. Specialised osteopathic massage is thought to improve the flow of cerebrospinal fluid and lymphatic fluid around the body. Increased flow is believed to help remove toxins from the body more effectively. When toxins are removed from the body, you will see an improvement in your symptoms; this can take several months or years, depending on the severity of your symptoms and how long you have been affected by them.

The Perrin Technique at Rakhee Osteopathy

Speak to us at Rakhee Osteopathy today to find out more and book a consultation with one of our practitioners. Prices may vary depending on which practitioner you wish to see and which location you are able to visit. We also offer home visits for patients who are unable to visit us in person.

Unfortunately, The Perrin Technique is not available on the NHS; however we have several pricing options to make this treatment as accessible to as many people as we can. The Perrin Technique is an osteopathic technique that has no direct side effects; however, you may experience a worsening of your symptoms, to begin with. Visit our website to take a look at our five-star rating and excellent reviews so that you can find out for yourself what patients have to say about undergoing The Perrin Technique here at Rakhee Osteopathy.


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