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The Perrin Technique and you- what does the technique do to your body and how does it work?

The Perrin technique in London

The Perrin technique in London is the therapeutic application of manual lymphatic drainage to clear congested toxins out of cerebral spinal fluid. It is carried out by physically manipulating the lymphatic vessels and pushing the lymphatic liquid along inside the vessels. This seems to be useful in the management of a wide variety of lymphatic and neurological conditions, with many patients reporting a lessening of their symptoms.

For instance, clearing the buildup of inflammatory proteins like interleukin-6 and 7 as well as biochemical waste products has been found to reduce edema and water retention.

Our lead practitioner Rakhee has worked directly with Dr. Ray Perrin, the developer of the The Perrin Technique in London and was personally commended on her application of the procedure as well as being awarded her license to practice.

It isn’t only physical though. In this time of uncertainty, general stressors are now everyday and are becoming harder to cope with; manual lymphatic drainage has become a useful tool in managing these stresses. With patients reporting an increase in clarity of thoughts, improvement in confidence and general well being!

The lymphatic system

There are two vascular systems in mammals; the more well-known system of the 2 is the blood vessels and the lesser system is the lymphatic. The latter contains vessels that have one way valves that travel from the base or the core of the body, opening up in the vena cava, the vein next to the heart.

The role of the lymphatic system is much like that of regular draining, it removes tissues fluids from the extremities of our body’s back to the center. It has a large overall role, working away in the background- we only notice it when its function is impaired, resulting in localized swelling and inflammation.

It is also the primary method by which immune response cells can traverse the body. Throughout the lymphatic system, there are nodules called lymph nodes; when they are not responding to an infection, the majority of your immune cells T, B and macrophages reside in the lymph nodes, acting as security checkpoints at major intersections of your body, like the neck, groin, arm pit, ect.

Our pre-treatment consultation

We pride ourselves on our thorough pre-treatment screening and consultation, which allows a full exploration of your system. Many patients have had aspects of their chronic health conditions minimized or ignored by established medical institutions, and it can be therapeutic to discuss them with us as well as insightful in the application of the Perrin Technique in London.

We will carry out a full examination and review of your medical records including any medication you are taking both prescribed and alternative. It is recommended to bring a close friend or family member as there will be a need to undress for the spine and breast tissue part of the examination, so you may wish to have someone with you. You will need to sign a consent form to proceed with treatment and to be over the age of 18 or have a parent/guardian sign for you if you are younger.


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