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The importance of the lymphatic system in CFS/ME

Perrin technique in London

The importance of the lymphatic system and how it works

The lymphatic system is involved in removing unwanted toxins, waste products and excess water from the body. By filtering and destroying the toxins and preventing them from building up in the bloodstream the lymphatic system helps keep us healthy and strong. The toxins are carried in the lymph fluid up to your neck where the thoracic duct empties the lymph back into the bloodstream and the waste products are removed by the urinary system where necessary. If your lymphatic system is not working properly and toxins are not being efficiently drained from your body then you will experience many different complications which include the symptoms of CFS/ME.

CFS/ME begins with tiredness and lethargy and progresses to extreme fatigue. If this is left untreated then patients eventually experience cognitive dysfunction including poor concentration and memory loss. In later stages patients can experience loss of mobility and become wheelchair-bound and eventually bedridden and unable to do anything for themselves. This is a devastating illness which affects the patient's health, relationships, career and finances and can cause further complications in the future.

What is CFS/ME?

The Perrin technique in London aims to manually stimulate the lymphatic system which may not be working properly in CFS/ME patients. This disease can affect people from all walks of life and at any age. It can affect children as young as 5 years old and it can also affect the elderly. It may occur in physically active young adults or teenagers and in the same way it may affect those with a more relaxed lifestyle. Whichever age you may be or whatever stage of life you may be in, speak to us here at Rakhee Osteopathy to find out more about CFS/ME. It is a mysterious illness which cannot always be diagnosed positively by your GP or health professional, because of its varying symptoms and different degrees of severity in each individual. We may be able to alleviate certain effects connected with it.

What is the Perrin technique and how does it work?

The Perrin technique in London works by using specialised massage techniques to gently manipulate the back, neck and chest area, to help promote better movement of the lymphatic fluid in the body and to help boost the drainage function of the lymphatic system using manual stimulation. This can help symptom management and eventually combat this debilitating disease. The Perrin technique in London does not provide instant results however it will help to reduce your symptoms to begin with until they eventually diminish. Treatment times with the Perrin technique in London vary between patients, as do the symptoms and severity of the disease. In some patients you may notice results within a few months, however for most people, especially those in whom the disease has progressed, it may even take a year or more to see noticeable results. Speak to us at Rakhee Osteopathy today to find out more about this disease and how the Perrin technique can help you.


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