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Progress in adoptions of the Perrin Technique in London

Updated: May 1, 2021

At Rakhee Osteopathy we are providers of the Perrin Technique in London and are passionate about greater adoption of the treatment with Dr Perrin's methodology. The foundations of the care we provide are giving our patients the treatment they deserve and a higher standard of living. We have recently passed a large milestone in gaining recognition when the fundamental physiology behind our technique was published in 2017, nearly 30 years after Dr Perrin developed the method. Let's dive in and explore this further!

the Perrin Technique in London

Fundamentals of the procedure

There are two systems in the human body, the veinous or cardo-vascular system and the lymphatic. The cardio-vascular system has a large central pump, the heart, whereas the lymphatic system has a series of one-way valves which passively direct the flow of the tissue fluid within the vessels back to the heart, where it enters the blood.

Within individual lymph nodes you can find the waste products from cellular metabolism, bacterial and virus particles, as well as returning immune system cells, macrophages and T-cells returning from a site of an infection. The lymph nodes found at important junctions of the lymphatic system are important in regulating healthy immune reactions.

We apply the Perrin Technique in London by systematically tensing selected muscles, stretching joints and massaging lymph vessels, we can drive out an excess of these accumulated fluids and 'flush' the lymphatic system. This in turn will allow the CSF cerebral spinal fluid to be drained and refreshed.

The missing piece of physiology

There was a barrier for the adoption of Dr Perrin's work due to the long-held assumption that there was no association between the lymphatic system and cerebral spinal fluid. This was based on there being no observed lymphatic vessels.

In a research project conducted by the National Institutes of Health published in 2017, lymphatic vessels were imaged in human brains via an MRI machine. For the first time, a direct link between the cerebral spinal fluid and lymph nodes within the blood-brain barrier was seen.

The senior investigator of this paper Dr S. Reich expressed his amazement at watching lymphatic vessels draining CSF in real-time.

The research team had found the lymph vessels in the outer protective layer of the brain tissues, the dura mater.

This discovery was made possible by the use of magnetic dye's, which worked as a contrast material, allowing the team to see the vessels on an MRI.

This has opened the established medical institution's eyes to the potential of new therapies including the Perrin Technique in London.

“These results could fundamentally change the way we think about how the brain and immune system inter-relate,”

The NINDS Director Walter J. Koroshetz made a statement on how this finding could radically change how the brain and immune system integrations are perceived.

As the lead researcher on this paper has moved on to explore if the brains lymph vessels behave normally in multiple sclerosis and brain information disorders, we finally have a peer-reviewed study to support Dr Perrin's theory after such a long wait.

Over the centuries, it has become clear how fluids entered the brain tissues, now it has become clear that the brain is like any other organ and is drained via the lymphatic system, as was the ultimate conclusions of the paper.


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