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Looking for chronic fatigue relief? A guide to the disorder

When you have received a diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome, or any other long-term condition that causes bouts of discomfort, depression and extreme exhaustion, it can feel like there isn't a lot of help available.

Chronic fatigue is a complicated disorder, and it affects millions worldwide. It is characterised by profound fatigue and other symptoms such as discomfort, migraines and bowel issues. It is also closely linked to fibromyalgia.

So, if you have a CFS diagnosis, what are your options? Is there any chronic fatigue relief London out there? Yes, there is. When you come to see our team at Rakhee Osteopathy, we can help you to get better control of the symptoms, improve your energy levels, and get your life back on track.

But what are some of the key symptoms of chronic fatigue? In this article, we will explore five prevalent symptoms that individuals with CFS commonly experience, shedding light on this mysterious condition.

Overwhelming fatigue

This fatigue is not the normal tiredness experienced after a strenuous activity; instead, it is a debilitating exhaustion that persists for months or even years. Individuals with CFS often describe this fatigue as an unrelenting and overwhelming force that significantly impairs their ability to perform daily activities and engage in social interactions. By offering palpation to specific areas, our team can provide chronic fatigue relief London, helping to lower the fatigue and allowing you to feel clear-headed.

Cognitive impairment

Another prevalent symptom of CFS is cognitive dysfunction, often referred to as ‘brain fog’. Individuals may experience difficulties with concentration, memory recall, and mental processing. Simple tasks that were once effortless can become challenging, leading to frustration and impaired productivity. Brain fog can cause individuals to feel mentally drained and may impact their ability to maintain employment or engage in academic pursuits. Again, our team's palpation can offer some chronic fatigue relief London in this area, allowing you to feel more aware and cognitively present.

Sleep disturbances

Strangely, sleep disturbances are common in people with CFS. Despite experiencing severe fatigue, individuals may struggle with falling asleep or staying asleep consistently through the night. Even when they manage to sleep, the quality may be poor, leaving them feeling unrefreshed upon waking. Sleep disruptions exacerbate fatigue levels and contribute to the vicious cycle of CFS symptoms. Restorative sleep becomes elusive, further compromising the overall wellbeing and functionality of those affected.

Pain and muscle aches

Chronic pain and muscle aches are prevalent symptoms that often accompany CFS. Individuals may experience joint pain, headaches, and muscle tenderness. The pain can be widespread and fluctuate in intensity. Simple activities like walking or lifting light objects can trigger a disproportionate level of pain and discomfort. These symptoms can be a source of significant distress and further contribute to the overall debilitation experienced by individuals with CFS.

Post-exertional malaise

This refers to a worsening of symptoms after physical or mental exertion. Even mild activities that were previously manageable can result in a significant exacerbation of fatigue, pain, and cognitive impairments. The recovery time following exertion is much longer for individuals with CFS compared to the general population. This symptom not only limits the individual's ability to engage in activities they once enjoyed, but also poses challenges in planning and pacing their daily routines.


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