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Lets get deep with the Perrin Technique

Updated: May 14, 2021

The Perrin Technique in London

The work we have done providing The Perrin Technique in London has given us great insight into the suffering of CFS/ME patients, and the potential differences the Perrin technique can have in people's lives. From its start in 1989 to its complimentary trial by the NHS as a diagnostic method, the Perrin Technique is still changing lives.

Our clinic

Our lead practitioner is Rakhee Mediratta. She has been trained by Dr.Perrin himself who she continues to work alongside in developing a wide and effective skill set which she brings into the clinic. Her degree and diploma in osteopathic and naturopathic medicine respectively, synergises well with the non-invasive nature of Dr.Perins teachings.

The Perrin Technique- what is it?

The fundamentals of the Perrin Technique in London is to help move congested lymph and mostly clear liquid from specific vessels in your body. The lymphatic system is a partially vascular system acting as a return drain for tissue fluid which leaves the blood vessels under osmotic pressure. A sedentary lifestyle aggravates inflammatory and edema based diseases, which are common!

The role of the lymphatic system in maintaining good health is often taken for granted until it goes wrong.

We balance this treatment with osteopathic methods used for overall well being and helping to reduce stress, lowering the chances of a critical stress event occurring. The Perrin Technique in London focuses on the alleviation of the systems noted in illnesses like chronic fatigue syndrome and myalgic encephalomyelitis. If you have been diagnosed or screened for CFS/ME we will carry out our own examinations and full screening as part of our introductory consultation.

In clinic diagnosing

Diagnostics can be one of the greatest challenges for chronic fatigue syndrome and myalgic encephalomyelitis sufferers due to the obtuse way these conditions are handled and tested for by medical institutions across the country. The development of the Dr.Perrins work started with a cohort of CFS/ME patients who he was performing manual lymphatic drainage on, to observe what effect (if any) it may have had on their condition. This is inspired by early work suggesting that the build up of inflammatory protein in brain tissues was seen in ME patients.

Manual lymphatic drainage was used as an end case treatment for inflammatory conditions in the periphery, a role which it is unfairly underused in. Dr. Perrin theorised that it could be utilised to reduce the inflammatory proteins in the brain by emptying the lymphatic vessels around the spine. With a bit of research and application, he refined the technique and began testing it. Years later, when empirical data confirmed the basis of his hypothesis, this technique was born!


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