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How The Perrin Technique improves the effects of CFS/ME

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

The Perrin Technique

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or CFS/ME is a life-changing disorder that can affect anyone at any age. You may have a perfectly healthy lifestyle and still be affected by CFS/ME without notice. It is a multi system disorder which can prevent you from carrying out your daily activities and can eventually leave you in a wheelchair or even bedbound.

Development of The Perrin Technique

Dr Raymond Perrin, an osteopath and neuroscientist, has been studying CFS/ME for the last three decades after inadvertently treating a patient’s symptoms with osteopathic massage techniques. A cyclist who was affected by back pain visited Dr Perrin and after undergoing five sessions of osteopathy to reduce his back pain he found that he had been cured of his underlying symptoms of CFS/ME. Since then Dr Perrin has been looking for the association between spinal disorders and CFS/ME. He has been looking into the causes of the symptoms of this disease and much research has been carried out into managing these symptoms. This has led to the development of The Perrin Technique.

The Perrin Technique is now being used in the management of the symptoms of long COVID and many patients have reported significant improvement in health and vitality following The Perrin Technique, here at Rakhee Osteopathy in London.

If you are suffering from CFS/ME, fibromyalgia, Lyme disease or the symptoms of long COVID then you need to speak to us and find out how The Perrin Technique may help you. Although it is not available on the NHS, it is a therapy which will help you manage your symptoms more beneficially and enjoy a better quality of life. The cost of the treatment varies according to the location and the practitioner that you wish to see. Visit our website for a full breakdown of the prices and you will see that we are affordable practitioners in London.

What happens at the appointment

At the initial appointment you will undergo a consultation, examination and diagnosis. The next appointment will include self-massage training and treatment and after that you will have regular follow-up appointments, more frequently to begin with, continuing until your symptoms have been relieved. The number of appointments necessary vary from patient to patient and depend on the severity of your symptoms. Patients have reported that after the first few appointments they felt as if their symptoms had worsened. This is common and the symptoms should subside within 48 hours of your appointment, if not you should contact your practitioner. Visit our website to read our reviews and ratings and see how we have helped patients overcome their symptoms with this particular technique.

We have been recognised twice for our excellence in delivering The Perrin Technique and with our knowledge and experience we will be able to put together an individually tailored treatment plan that will help you manage your symptoms more successfully. It will improve your health and vitality and help you look forward to getting your life back on track once more.


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