Long Covid Treatment London with Perrin Technique

I can highly recommend Rakhee for treating long covid.


After being severely affected for 5 months (in bed, barely able to have conversations), with Rakhee's help, I am significantly improved. Under her care, I immediately felt a benefit with improved mental clarity, reduced pain and crashes and better sleep.


After three months of treatment, my energy levels began to noticeably improve, and I am confident that I am on my way to recovery.


Overall, Rakhee's attention and dedication to her patients is phenomenal - she has given me a life back!

- Verified Patient -

What is Post Covid Syndrome or Long Covid?

Lots of people who have contracted and suffered from Covid 19, continue to suffer from symptoms such as lasting and debilitating fatigue, brain fog, loss of energy known as Long Covid Syndrome or Post Covid Syndrome, all symptoms are indicators commonly associated with M.E or CFS.

One technique that osteopaths use to help M.E. sufferers is The Perrin Technique.

Although there is no confirmed number, increasing evidence suggests a large number of patients who contracted COVID-19 have not yet recovered from the virus leaving them with longer term debilitating symptoms such as fatigue, respiratory issues, sleep problems and digestive complaints. This is being diagnosed and labeled as long-covid, post-covid, post-covid syndrome and chronic covid. Some doctors are increasingly concerned with the overlap of long-covid and Myalgic Encephalitis (ME) also known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). Over the last few months Rakhee is seeing more and more patients who present with CFS symptoms who know that they had COVID-19.

Dr Perrin and his colleagues at The University Of Manchester alongside The University Of Zurich, Switzerland have wrote a medical paper Here is a link to the published article.

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What is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS)?

ME/CFS is a long term illness with a wide range of symptoms. The primary symptom is debilitating and overwhelming fatigue which leaves people unable to carry out ‘normal’ day to day activities. People are not able to function in the same way they did before they became ill. The illness can be unpredictable because symptoms may vary in severity and change on a daily basis or even many times throughout the day. The fatigue is always accompanied by Post-Exertion Malaise otherwise known as PEM which is where symptoms worsen following exertion or activity.


Other symptoms commonly seen in people with ME/CFS are:

  • Sleep problems

  • Muscle or joint pain 

  • Headaches

  • Sore throat or swollen glands 

  • Flu-like symptoms

  • Problems thinking, remembering or concentrating 

  • Feeling nauseous or dizzy 

  • Fast and irregular heart rate 

These symptoms are also seen in patients with post-covid alongside the symptoms that were present at the time of the infection such as breathlessness, chest pain, intermittent fevers and loss of taste and smell. 

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What is The Perrin Technique?

The Perrin Technique is based on Dr Perrin’s theory that different stress factors whether that be physical (through postural problems or injury), infectious (bacterial or viral), environmental (exposure to toxins or allergies), emotional stress (work or family) or more usually a combination of these which leads to an overload on the sympathetic nervous system. This in turn results in a build-up of toxins in the fluid around the brain and spinal cord. These toxins are supposed to drain down the spinal cord and into the lymphatic system where they leave our bodies via the liver but in people with CFS / ME and similar conditions the drainage points into the lymphatic system are blocked leading to the build-up of congested toxins. This accumulation of toxins can irritate the brain, spinal cord and surrounding tissues contributing to the wide ranges of symptoms associated with CFS / ME. 

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How Does The Perrin Technique Treatment Help With Long Covid Relief?

The Perrin Technique treatment uses an osteopathic approach designed to manually stimulate motion of the fluid around the brain and spinal cord to encourage better drainage of the lymphatic system. It involves gentle manipulation of the soft tissues and massaging the head, neck, back and chest areas. This promotes healthier functioning of the sympathetic nervous system and the lymphatic system which together helps to alleviate physical symptoms and stressors. Providing the patient doesn't have significant extra stressors over time they should gradually improve and many return to full health and become totally symptom free. 

Latest Study:
Reducing fatigue-related symptoms in Long COVID-19

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What will happen during the consultation?

The initial consultation is 90 minutes long and involves taking a full case history where we will discuss how your condition impacts you and affects your life. A full physical examination will be completed and then a diagnosis can be given for your condition. Rakhee will discuss how the treatment works, the research that supports this treatment approach as well as a prognosis and an out-line for the tailored follow up treatment plan to improve your quality of life and support you during the recovery process. You may want to bring a chaperone (partner or friend) with you to your first appointment because we need to examine the spinal and breast tissue to provide an accurate assessment. We will also require you to sign a consent form to allow us to proceed with this in a professional manner.

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Rakhee is an absolutely amazing professional.

She is treating me post a viral illness (Covid) and I am so grateful I found her. Her neuro lymphatic massages lead to me having more energy, way less body aches, less brain fog, and better sleep - and this is only after a month of treatments. I do wholeheartedly believe the Perrin technique is an amazing tool for all kinds of viral illness affecting our brains and CNS.

In addition, Rakhee is an amazing person to be around - she is kind, caring, encouraging, positive, and I genuinely look forward to each session every week.

I cannot recommend Rakhee highly enough and I will not hesitate to recommend her services to friends and family if they will ever need assistance with getting back to 100% health.

- Verified Patient -

I had Covid in March 2020 and developed long covid symptoms. I was unable to get out of bed with extreme fatigue, brain fog, palpitations, chest pain, headaches, poor sleep, aches and pain around the body, reading difficulties and many other symptoms.


I approached Rakhee for then Perrin Technique, 100 Harley street. We started the Perrin Technique for post viral fatigue on a weekly basis form July to October.


I am now feeling amazing. I have gone back to full time work and pacing at the same time. I was unable to get out of bed and walk to my bathroom or have conversation.


I am still seeing Rakhee every 2 to 3 weeks. She is incredible and very passionate about her work. She explains everything in a lot of detail which gave me confidence in the treatment.


I would highly recommend the Rakhee & The Perrin Technique for long covid treatments.

- Verified Patient -

I would highly recommend this treatment to anyone struggling with long Covid-19. Rakhee is extremely knowledgeable and she has helped me get back to my usual health quickly. I have felt and seen extreme improvements in my long Covid and overall health since starting this treatment.


- Verified Patient -

I came to Rakhee because of post viral fatigue caused by Covid. She was friendly, genuinely caring and professional at the same time, who really wanted to help with my recovery so I could bounce back quickly to regular life.


The lymphatic drainage and cranial osteopathy treatment under Rakhee helped me greatly improve my condition.


From being bed ridden with very little activity like walks less than 1K steps, after 3 months, I was able to go for walks up to 4K steps while also working full time from home.


Thanks for all your help.

- Verified Patient -

Rakhee is a very caring and sympathetic professional with a wonderful bedside manner.


I have been seeing Rakhee for Perrin treatment for neuro lymphatic drainage since August to treat symptoms of post viral fatigue after contracting covid 19 earlier in the year.

After just 6 weeks of treatment, I noticed a dramatic improvement in my symptoms and I went from being mainly at home to being able to drive freely and do all the school and activity runs for my 3 kids with no difficulty at all. My body pains, breathing and sleeping all improved greatly due to this therapy.

Rakhee has been a gem throughout my treatment. Her explanation of the Perrin technique as a great tool to treat post viral illnesses which affect the central nervous system was very reassuring for me and her recommendation to combine neuro lymphatic drainage treatment with infusions benefitted me greatly and helped to support my body during the detoxification process.

I am so grateful that I came across Rakhee in my journey to recovery and would recommend her treatment to anyone suffering from post viral fatigue and especially for post covid syndrome.

- Verified Patient -

I have been suffering from long covid since June last year. The Perrin Technique has helped me recover.

I have severe fatigue, brain fog and muscle pain and weakness. I was unable to function or go to work. I have drastically improved and thanks to Rakhee for all her support and dedication towards the Perrin technique. I highly recommend her treatment.

- Verified Patient -