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What is Post COVID Syndrome?

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

The Perrin Technique and Post COVID syndrome

The last year has bee challenging and as we all get used to are new normals while performing the The Perrin technique in London, some have had a much harder time getting into grips with the new normal. There may be a lot more to discover about COVID-19 and it's not all going to become clear over night. From patterns of infection, to symptom variation among age groups and races, one thing that has allegedly been seen, is a post-COVID syndrome or long-COVID.

This syndrome is a pattern of symptoms which present together in the same progression but without an underline cause. If the cause is definitively known, it would be called a disease not a syndrome. How these long lasting COVID symptoms relate to COVID is unknown and may never be known. In the meantime we have a rapidly growing cohort of sufferers with debilitating fatigue, shortness of breath, gastro-digestive distress and muscle weakness.

There are similarities between long-COVID sufferers and chronic fatigue syndrome patients. This led to attempts to manage these lingeringing COVID symptoms with the use of manual lymphatic drainage and other similar treatments. With extensive experiences in the treatment of CFS and ME, we feel it's only right to apply our skills to help in any way possible during this global crisis. We have therefore started to provide assessment, care and treatment with The Perrin technique in London to anyone suspected of suffering from a lingering COVID syndrome, assuming they are not currently suffering from the earlier infectious stages of the disease.

Management of Myalgic encephalomyelitis

Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) is a challenging and disruptive condition which can make a lot of everyday tasks difficult for the patient. During severe bouts, the patient may be incapable of any activities and could be confined to bed. Mixed with this is often extreme tiredness and an inability to have a restful sleep, so the patient is left to suffer in a sleepless yet exhausted state, which can last a few days or continue for months. During periods of redemption, patients can out of frustration easily overexert themselves and induce PEM Post-Exertional Malaise, which is an associated syndrome that has many of the same symptoms as CFS but occurs immediately after extensive activity. These symptoms include but are not reserved to concentration, memory, non-specific pain, dizziness and fainting.

Post-viral fatigue is related to ME/CFS in its presentation but does require an experienced practitioner to diagnose it. It is often overlooked in mainstream medicine which doesn't make allowances of individual variation in presentation.


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