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The effect of the Perrin technique in London on CFS/ME and Long COVID

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Myalgic Encephalomyelitis or CFS/ME is known as the black hole of medicine since established treatment or diagnosis of the disease is yet to be agreed upon. Dr Raymond Perrin, a neurologist and osteopath, has carried out much research into CFS/ME. He believes that the disease is caused as a result of stresses on the body that result in a build-up of toxins in the cerebrospinal fluid around the brain and spinal cord, affecting the sympathetic nervous system.

Many different types of stress can affect the body in day-to-day life. It is thought that emotional stress, ranging from depression and anxiety to a sudden shock, such as the death of a loved one, can affect the sympathetic nervous system. An injury places stress on the body, and a bacterial or viral infection affects the immune system and can place significant pressure on the body, as can environmental factors such as pollutants and other chemicals entering the bloodstream. It is thought that perhaps CFS/ME and other similar disorders impact those who are exposed to a combination of these stresses, one after the other or possibly many at the same time.


Over the last year, many people have suffered from symptoms that are similar to CFS/ME following infection with COVID-19. Most people who are infected with COVID-19 see full recovery within a few weeks, whilst others have continued to experience symptoms after their initial recovery. This has become known as the post-COVID-19 syndrome or Long COVID and is described as symptoms that persist for more than four weeks following a positive test result.

Sometimes, the body is unable to cope with multiple stress factors at once or it may already be under stress when a virus or infection strikes. Dr Perrin’s research has shown that this may result in a breakdown of the lymphatic system, causing a buildup of toxins in the cerebrospinal fluid that then presents itself as the symptoms that can be seen in conditions such as CFS/ME and Long COVID.

What is the Perrin Technique?

The Perrin Technique in London developed by Dr Perrin is a specialist osteopathic diagnostic and treatment system that has been designed specifically to diagnose and treat CFS/ME. Conventional medicine still uses a process of elimination to diagnose this disease, whereas The Perrin Technique in London can provide patients with a positive diagnosis, enabling a better understanding of the disease. The symptoms vary from patient to patient; therefore, The Perrin Technique in London has been designed so that it can be tailored for each patient, depending upon the severity of the disease and the symptoms they present with. The Perrin Technique in London is a combination of manual therapy techniques, which means the practitioner uses their hands to carry out manual lymphatic drainage and cranial osteopathic massages. Both of these are gentle and comforting to help encourage lymph flow and thereby promote the removal of toxins from the body, which in turn has been found to reduce the symptoms of the disease. It is thought that the Perrin Technique may work similarly to help combat the symptoms of Long COVID also.

Dr Perrin has continued to research and develop the Perrin Technique in London since 1989, and it has undergone many research trials, most recently in an NHS trial too. Speak to us at Rakhee Osteopathy today to find out more about the Perrin technique in London and how it may benefit you.


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