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What is the Perrin Technique in London?

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

The Perrin Technique in London is essentially a specialist osteopathic technique which has been developed continuously over the last thirty years by Dr Ray Perrin and is being used as a diagnostic tool and a treatment approach to CFS/ME.

The Perrin Technique in London

What are the benefits of the Perrin Technique in London?

In regards to the benefits, the Perrin Technique has been proven as an excellent solution for patients who are suffering from post-viral, infection fatigue, in addition to other diseases such as fatigue associated with chronic infections, and even providing relief from certain neurological symptoms which occur due to similar systematic malfunctions within the body.

What makes our clinic unique?

The Chalfont Clinic is not only a licensed clinic using the Perrin Technique as an osteopathic approach, however Rakhee Mediratta is also an experienced Perrin Technique practitioner who has been practising this method since the early years of 2007. With this wealth of experience, Rakhee is therefore one of the longest standing and most experienced practitioners within her field of work.

Getting to know the theory behind the Perrin Technique

Many patients may be unaware of the history behind the Perrin Technique, which is why we choose to inform them about it prior to or during their treatment. The theory is based on the idea that different stress factors can cause an overload on the sympathetic nervous system (these may be physical through injury), environmental (such as exposure to allergies, or toxins), or even infectious exposure to bacteria or viral diseases. Lastly, emotional stress can also be a cause, however a combination of all of these factors typically leads to an overload.

What happens next?

If an overload on the sympathetic system occurs this can result in a build-up of toxins in the fluid around the spinal cord and brain, within the natural processes of the body these toxins are supposedly drained down the spinal cord and into the lymphatic system where they leave our bodies by the liver. Despite this however, individuals who are suffering from CFS/ ME may not support normal drainage; drainage points within these individuals' bodies are blocked which unfortunately leads to the build-up of congested toxins.

What’s the issue?

After these toxins are built up within the body they can unfortunately irritate the spinal-cord surrounding tissues, and even the brain itself! This can therefore cause a wide range of negative and problematic symptoms to occur.

A practitioner you can trust

Rakhee has completed training course with Doctor Ray Perrin. She is now training fully qualified osteopaths and even physiotherapists in the Perrin Technique!

How will the Perrin Technique work?

Many individuals may be referred to the treatment of the Perrin Technique, however they may be unsure of what to expect from the treatment process itself. The Perrin Technique uses an osteopathic approach which is essentially designed to manually stimulate motion of the fluid around both the spinal cord and the brain, this stimulation therefore encourages better drainage of the lymphatic system as a whole. This technique provides the patient with alleviated physical symptoms and stressors, patients should then be expected to gradually improve and many individuals return to full health after their treatment at our clinic.


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