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What can our osteopath in Chalfont help with?

Osteopath in Chalfont

If you’ve come across Osteopathy, you might be wondering if there are treatments performed by our osteopath in Chalfont that can help you. Using a variety of techniques, our osteopath in Chalfont can help to minimise pain and discomfort that you may be feeling due to a variety of ailments, ranging from muscle spasms, brain fog, general aches and pains, joint pain and poor circulation.

Here at Rakhee Osteopathy, we look at each of our patients as a unique person with varying factors, so each of our approaches and the techniques we use are equally as unique. We will look closely at your symptoms through varying assessments before deciding to treat you as a whole, rather than targeting the individual problems that have come about. Restoring balance to your body and maining a healthy equilibrium is the most important thing to us.

In this brief blog post, our osteopath in Chalfont will discuss just a few problems that we can help with.

Slipped disc

There are 23 discs found in the spine which essentially act as shock absorbers for your body. Overtime, as they become worn down and start to lose fluid, it is normal for them to be moved around and slipped out of pain. The pain following this moment can be extremely hard to deal with. You may experience pain in your back, legs, and neck as well as numbness or tingling sensation, which can vary in levels of intensity. If you visit our clinic, we want to help manage the pain by using massages and stretches which are much less invasive than other treatments.

Back pain

Despite your spine being strong and difficult to damage, the surrounding tissue, muscle and ligaments do not enjoy the same amount of protection. It is not uncommon for them to become damaged and strained, resulting in pain across your back and sometimes in other areas of your body, including your legs and neck. You may also suffer from headaches and dizziness as the symptoms get worse. Using our mobilisation, stretching and massage techniques, we hope to relieve some of your pain and lessen the symptoms without the use of medication.

Neck pain

Pains and aches within the neck area are one of the most common we see come in and out of our practice. They are supporting our heads, after all, so there is no surprise that pains may arise, even without a direct injury. A massage and stretch treatment from one of our practitioners could ease your symptoms! We may also use gentle manipulation in cases where it is appropriate, specifically in pains caused by injuries. Our treatments do not require medication and are more natural, which may appeal to you as the patient.


The term Sciatica is used when there is damage to your sciatic nerve, through strain or otherwise, and it is causing you extreme pain. There are many symptoms that go alongside the pain, including being unable to stand, numbing and a tingling sensation. Our treatments aim to remove pressure from the nerve and offer potential relief.


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