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Osteopathy and how we operate

osteopath in Chalfont

Who are we?

We are an osteopath in Chalfont. Our clinic in Chalfont is a fully regulated and licensed osteopathic practice. Some people make the mistake of assuming that osteopathy is under or poorly regulated, but this is not true. We undergo much of the same scrutiny that you would expect any doctor's surgery or medical institution to have to comply with, so we are true medical professionals who are dedicated to looking after your health and wellbeing.

Our industry is considered distinct and very different from nursing and pharmacy, but the regulation is much the same as a GP surgery. We have our own General Osteopathic Council (the GOSC) which performs the same function as the General Medical Council in ensuring standards and advocating for our osteopath in Chalfont to law makers.

All of our staff are licensed to practise and the register of this licence is publicly available; you can access it on the GOSC website. This allows you to always double check that any practice in the UK is operating within the law and is staffed by fully qualified osteopathic practitioners. And if you were to have an issue with us and what we do, the GOSC has the duty not only to take complaints seriously, but also to carry out investigation removing licences of anybody who is deemed unfit to practise.

We have always welcomed regulation and would be more than happy to see this continuing as a growing osteopath in Chalfont; we would like to see our practise of medicine further integrated into general medicine, gaining the recognition and regulation that comes along with it.

Thankfully the non-invasive nature of osteopathy means we do not need to be regulated in quite the same way as a pharmacy. In general we attempt to avoid the use of medication and any resulting side effects.

Osteopathy and midwifery

Currently, osteopathy is only considered acceptable during pregnancy after discussing any potential harm with your midwife. The techniques that are used during our sessions are considered extremely safe even during pregnancy.

How we self-regulate

The nature of operating a clinic and being established in the community is one of maintaining not only reputation but also the respect of the community, being in Chalfont for many years. There is a strong motivation to self-regulate and provide only the highest standard of care, one that not only we can be proud of, but that can ensure the future of our clinic through providing a valuable and effective service. In that sense, most osteopathy clinics are more than capable of self-regulating or regulating themselves to a far higher standard than legally required, simply because of the nature of medicine and desire to treat those who have been heavily excluded from the established medical institutions.

We judge our success not on a simple yes or no when it comes to treatment, but on the quality of life of our patients and maintaining that quality of life for many years to come, regardless of the challenges that life may throw their way.


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