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How osteopathy works to promote better wellbeing

osteopath in Chalfont

Osteopathy began in the late 1800s and has been practiced widely since then and now osteopath clinics can be found in most towns or villages in the UK. Here at Rakhee Osteopathy we are proud to present our registered specialised team of osteopaths who are here to help deal with issues you may be facing with your muscles and joints that are affecting your daily activities and hindering your lifestyle. Whether you have been recommended to visit your osteopath in Chalfont by your GP or health professional or you are looking for an alternative to conventional medicine then your osteopath in Chalfont is here to create an individually tailored treatment plan for you.

Osteopathy takes a holistic approach to relieving pain and promoting overall wellbeing and optimal health, and it is based around the idea that a problem in a specific area can occur as a result of dysfunction in any part of the body, not just that specific location. If you are in pain, then that affects your movement and function, resulting in problems elsewhere in the body. A simple example is if you have knee pain. When you stand or walk and you are in pain then you will immediately put more pressure on the other leg, which will affect your feet, your hips, your back and lead to a whole set of complications. Therefore your osteopath in Chalfont works by looking at your body as a whole and tries to put together all the necessary information in regards to your medical history and any physical injuries or accidents which may have taken place during your lifetime. This is to help make a well-informed diagnosis and create an effective individually tailored treatment plan for you.

The role of an osteopath in Chalfont

Our osteopath in Chalfont will begin by observing your body, at rest and during movement. Then they will feel your muscles and joints whilst carrying out simple movements, to analyse your range of motion and find out what your restrictions are and why this may be. They will look at and feel the positions and movements of your vital organs, touching them and applying pressure on them to make sure that everything is normal. This is usually carried out using simple mechanical tests and once these are complete the osteopath will continue to perform special orthopaedic tests according to the symptoms that you are presenting with, and try and provoke the problem very carefully, to see what is going on. Treatment is carried out on the whole body according to personal requirements and includes specialised massage techniques and exercises. Although some procedures may cause slight discomfort we will always endeavour to make sure that you are not in any pain during the treatment and we will advise on good aftercare as well, to help the process move forwards successfully for you.

Speak to us at Rakhee Osteopathy today to begin your journey to pain relief with your osteopath in Chalfont. The earlier that you are able to begin your treatment, the easier the process will be, the less discomfort you will be in and you will also be reducing the chance of further complications in the future. Call us today to book an appointment. We are here to help you.


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