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Diagnosing CFS/ME with the Perrin Technique

The Perrin Technique in London

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or CFS/ME is a devastating disease which can affect people from all walks of life at any age. It can affect young children and it can affect the elderly. It may target healthy, active young adults or those with other underlying diseases. There is still much mystery surrounding the disease and there is no universal diagnosis or treatment to be able to help patients successfully combat the debilitating symptoms which are presented by CFS/ME.

Symptoms of CFS/ME

Research shows that there are many different factors which may cause the life-changing symptoms that are associated with CFS/ME. It often begins with flu-like symptoms and rapidly progresses to feelings of tiredness and lethargy, which then becomes extreme fatigue that does not go away even after rest. Patients find that over time they have problems with coordination and mobility until they are no longer able to carry out daily activities. It can affect mental wellbeing and cause sleep disturbances. It can have gastrointestinal impacts. Finally it can leave patients bed bound or in a wheelchair, fully dependent on those around them. These symptoms vary from patient to patient and this could be because the cause of the symptoms may be different.

What causes CFS/ME?

Research shows that factors which may be responsible for these symptoms include infections and viruses which may enter the body and affect homeostasis, resulting in disturbances of other organ systems. Abnormalities of the endocrine system, the immune system, the nervous system and the lymphatic system are all capable of causing the symptoms which can be found in CFS/ME.

The Perrin technique in London, which was first discovered and developed by Dr Raymond Perrin, suggests that abnormalities of the lymphatic system are mainly responsible for the symptoms that are associated with CFS/ME. It is thought that a build-up of toxins within the central nervous system, especially the cerebrospinal fluid, results in neurological dysfunction and immune system disorders. The lymphatic system is responsible for draining toxins from the body. If the lymphatic system is not working effectively then these toxins remain in the body and find themselves in the blood and cerebrospinal fluid resulting in the symptoms that are presented in CFS/ME.

If you are suffering from the symptoms of CFS/ME then speak to us at Rakhee Osteopathy and find out how the Perrin technique in London may be able to help you. The Perrin technique in London can help provide you with a positive diagnosis which you may not be able to receive from your doctor or health professional. This is because there is no universal diagnosis for this disease. The Perrin technique looks for specific signs and symptoms to help diagnose the disease and in this way we are able to put together an individually tailored treatment plan to help you manage the symptoms of CFS/ME more effectively. We are a double-award-winning practitioner of the Perrin technique, awarded by Dr Perrin himself, so speak to us at Rakhee Osteopathy today to find out more.


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