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Begin your journey towards pain relief with our osteopath in Chalfont

osteopath in Chalfont

Are you affected by aches and pains in your joints and or muscles which are restricting your daily activities or having a detrimental impact on your day-to-day life? Maybe you have tried over-the-counter medication, but have not found much relief. Or you may have visited your GP and have been recommended to visit our osteopath in Chalfont as an alternative to medication or in conjunction with medication to help promote better recovery. Here at Rakhee Osteopathy, our registered osteopath in Chalfont is here to support you on your journey towards pain relief and regaining optimum health.

What will happen when you visit our osteopath in Chalfont for the first time?

At your first visit with our osteopath in Chalfont, we will speak to you and discuss your reason for seeking osteopathic treatment. We will fill out some forms with you to help gather necessary information about your current condition, general health, work and lifestyle, including current activity levels and exercise, and we will also ask you about your past medical history. We will need to know about any medication that you are currently taking and if you have been recommended to us by your doctor or consultant, then we will take a look at results of any X-rays and scans you may have had recently. In this initial appointment it is important that we can gather as much information as we can, so that we can create the perfect treatment plan for you.

What does diagnosis and treatment involve with our osteopath?

At your appointment with our osteopath in Chalfont, you may sometimes need to remove items of clothing, and carry out simple exercises where we can observe the movement of your limbs, therefore it is recommended that you always wear something loose and comfortable. We will get you to carry out some simple movements to assess your range of motion and help identify any painful areas and restrictions. We have specialised orthopaedic tests which we carry out according to your individual requirements. These help us give you a well-informed diagnosis, and to create an individually tailored treatment plan which you and our osteopath can agree on together.

Osteopathic treatment includes specialised massage techniques, stretching, and manipulation of your muscles, joints and limbs accordingly. Our friendly and experienced osteopaths have your best interests at heart and although parts of the treatment may cause discomfort we will make sure that any techniques that we carry out should not be painful. Your treatment plan will include exercise and advice which you will need to follow at home to complement your osteopathy sessions. The duration of treatment will vary between each individual, according to the severity of your case, your ability to cooperate with the treatment plan, and if you require frequent visits, then how often you are able to visit our osteopath.

Speak to us at Rakhee Osteopathy today because the earlier that you are able to visit our osteopath following the onset of symptoms, the easier it will be to treat your symptoms and the faster you will be on the road to recovery. This will prevent further complications, pain and discomfort and also limit the detrimental impact that the condition could otherwise have on your health and overall wellbeing.


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