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Arthritis and other injuries and illnesses at your osteopath in Chalfont

Arthritis is a chronic disease which is characterised by pain and inflammation of the joints. It can affect a single part of the body or it can affect multiple parts of the body. Here with our osteopath in Chalfont we have found that arthritis is a common disease which people wish to address using osteopathic techniques. This is often after failing to find success with conventional medication or to carry out alongside long-term conventional medication for further relief. Over the years much research and experience has shown that with specialised osteopathic techniques and simple home exercises our osteopath in Chalfont can relieve pain, increase flexibility and improve the overall quality of life for patients who are suffering from arthritis.

Speak to our osteopath in Chalfont today if you are suffering from arthritis. We will find out about your medical history, speak to you about your symptoms and which areas of your body are affected. Our osteopaths will also find out about the medication that you are taking for your arthritis and look at your doctor's notes to see if there are any complications. If your osteopath in Chalfont is happy that osteopathy is a safe treatment option for you, then they will put together an individually tailored treatment plan for you. This may be made up of nutritional advice, lifestyle advice, a schedule of osteopathy sessions, as well as simple exercises for you to carry out at home. This will enable you to manage your arthritis more effectively and successfully, allowing you to get on with your life as much as possible without letting arthritis get in the way.

Osteopathy for musculoskeletal problems

Other musculoskeletal problems which can be addressed by your osteopath include issues affecting the pelvis, hips and legs. Each of these are interconnected and problems in one can have a significant effect on the others. By treating your pelvis, hips and legs together we will help you combat the symptoms which you may be facing using osteopathic techniques and will help you get back on your feet very soon.

Sports injuries

Your osteopath can also help you address sports injuries of many different types. Whether you had a sports injury when you were younger and are suffering the consequences later on in life or have been involved in a sports injury recently and are seeking immediate medical attention, we can help. Our osteopath will carry out a thorough assessment and put together a treatment plan which will help reduce any pain, alleviate any other symptoms and help your body heal from the injury as soon as possible, whilst trying to prevent further complications which could arise in the future.

Osteopathy during or after pregnancy

Musculoskeletal disorders which occur as a result of pregnancy are also commonly addressed at our clinic and if you or someone you know has been affected by their pregnancy then you can speak to us to find out more about osteopathy whilst pregnant. Although this will vary from patient to patient, our osteopath will be able to put together an individually tailored treatment plan for you. Speak to us to book an appointment and visit us in person today, so that you can discuss your issues and your symptoms and find out why osteopathy may be the perfect choice of treatment to help you on the road to recovery very soon.


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