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Why visit an osteopath clinic?

Osteopath Clinic London W1

At our osteopath clinic London W1, we provide treatments for relief from a diverse range of health issues. Our osteopath at Rakhee Osteopathy is very experienced in using a combination of techniques to facilitate a more efficient and effective natural healing process to restore balance in the body.

Patients who visit our osteopath clinic London W1 seek relief from general aches and pains, chronic back pain, hip and leg problems, postural injuries, sciatica and arthritis.

What is the approach to osteopathy at our osteopath clinic London W1?

In determining the need for osteopathic treatment, our osteopath will examine muscle and joint structures to determine whether there are any abnormalities present in the musculoskeletal system. This is done through the use of touch in addition to observing posture and the range of movements the patient can perform.

An osteopath is trained to use a variety of techniques to increase the mobility of joints, improve blood supply as well as drainage to the body's tissues and ease soft muscle tension. These techniques include:

  • Muscle and connective tissue stretching

  • Myofascial release

  • Joint articulation

  • Deep tissue massage

  • Cranial techniques

  • Gentle traction and manipulation

The objective of any osteopathic clinic is to restore the body’s functioning to its natural capacity.

What to expect during an osteopathic appointment

Patients at our clinic can expect to attend an initial consultation that will take approximately 60 minutes. This appointment is necessary to take a full case history. Our osteopath will want to discuss how the patient’s condition impacts their life and what a 30-minute long osteopathic treatment session can offer.

Our osteopath is obliged to carry out a full physical examination in order to confirm an accurate diagnosis. Patients can also expect to learn how the treatment works and glean scientific evidence as to how this treatment is used to improve the condition. They will be advised on expected results and an outline for their tailored treatment plan.

At our clinic, we provide all the support needed to see patients through their recovery process.

What are the principles behind osteopathy?

The main principle behind the osteopathic treatment approach is that no part of the body is independent or works in isolation from the rest of the body. The musculoskeletal system which is made up of the muscles, connected tissues, skeleton and ligaments is a vital component of and contributor to overall health and wellbeing.

The belief is that for the physical body to operate optimally, all structures within the body should also be functioning well.

Osteopathy is a tried and tested form of treatment suitable for patients at all life stages. This treatment approach is gentle and provides holistic care for overall wellbeing. The focus of osteopathy is aimed at improving quality of life and includes benefits such as easing stiffness, releasing tension, enhancing healing and improving joint mobility.

Osteopathic treatments are considered safe. Due to manipulative techniques on muscles, patients may experience slight discomfort after a session, but this is temporary and to be expected as the body goes through a healing process.

Why suffer from needless pain when osteopathic treatment may be just the thing for you? To find out more about osteopathic treatment and how it can benefit you, give us a call at Rakhee Osteopathy.


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