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What to know about the Perrin Technique and how it works

It is a well-accepted fact that human society today lives in a world where stress placed on their bodies stems from multiple sources. It is not just stressful jobs, meeting deadlines and lack of time to do all that we need to do that places us under a mountain of stress - with our bodies having to bear the brunt of it all, but injuries and environmental factors play a role too. So can the incorrect way that we position ourselves when we sit, sleep or walk.

The problem is that we often don’t face these stress factors in isolation and that the effects of a combination of them can lead to the sympathetic nervous system being overworked due to the accumulations of toxins placed upon the brain and spinal cord – resulting in the various symptoms experienced by patients suffering with CFS/ME.

The Perrin Technique in London

In theory a concentration of toxins found in the fluid circulating in the brain and spinal cord should naturally find their way to the spinal cord, filter into the lymphatic system and exit the body through the liver. Patients with CFS/ME symptoms, however, are unable to drain away these toxins through natural processes, as their lymphatic systems are unable to manage this congestion of toxins.

The Perrin Technique in London developed by Dr Perrin focuses on treating the problems patients experience with CFS/ME through stimulating the movement of fluid around the brain manually to facilitate the drainage of fluid through the lymphatic system. The Perrin Technique in London combines the tender working of soft tissues and the effects of massage to encourage the improved functioning of both the sympathetic nervous system and the lymphatic systems which work in harmony to ease the symptoms patients experience in their bodies.

Patients who also suffering from chronic pain are offered a beacon of hope with the development of the Perrin Technique in London. Many patients receiving the treatment see full recovery from their symptoms over time provided they don’t fall prey to extra stressors.

Benefits of the Perrin Technique

Patients suffering from a range of conditions including fibromyalgia and post-viral fatigue can benefit in the following ways:

Improved lymphatic flow

Enhanced brain health

Reduced stress placed on the sympathetic nervous system

Ability to enjoy restorative sleep once again

What to expect during a consultation appointment for the Perrin Technique

The duration of the initial consultation appointment is an hour and a half long. The osteopath practitioner will take the patient’s full medical history. Patients will also need to detail how their condition impacts their quality of life. Patients will also need to prepare for a full physical examination for a more accurate diagnosis.

Our osteopath will discuss the techniques involved in this type of treatment as well as provide you with your own personalised treatment plan.

For more information on this impressive technique to promote physical health and the alleviation of fatigue and pain or to arrange a consultation appointment with a highly trained and well-experienced practitioner, please contact Rakhee Osteopathy.


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