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What is the benefit of visiting an osteopath clinic?

Osteopath Clinic London W1

Do you know what treatments are offered at an osteopath clinic London W1 and when you should visit one? At Rakhee Osteopathy, our osteopath clinic London W1 is devoted to helping patients riddled with body aches and pains and restricted movements due to their discomfort.

The wide range of treatments offered at our osteopath clinic London W1 is aimed at restoring the body’s balance and enhancing optimal body function and overall wellbeing. Many of the patients who seek osteopathic treatment from our clinic do so to improve their quality of life.

Our qualified osteopath has extensive experience in treating conditions such as slipped discs, back and neck pain, sciatica, frozen shoulder, hip and knee pain, tennis elbow and headaches and migraines.

Our approach to osteopathy is based on the principle that says that no structure or system in the body operates in isolation. For the body to work optimally, each part of the anatomy should be in prime working condition.

The focus of osteopathic treatment is on the musculoskeletal system which comprises the skeleton, ligaments, and muscles as well as connected tissues. Treatments in the osteopathic care basket include muscle and connective tissue stretching, cranial techniques, deep tissue massage, joint articulation, myofascial release and gentle traction and manipulation.

The top benefits of osteopathic care

One of the best benefits of osteopathic treatment is that this is a safe treatment approach backed by plenty of research evidence to support its efficacy. What is more, is that these treatments are aimed at using and maximising the potential of the body’s natural healing processes.

Patients interested in seeing an osteopath to help them improve their physical condition can expect a range of benefits.

Eases tension in the physical body

The impact of the build-up of tension and stress in the body can result in headaches and pain in the joints and elsewhere in the body. This build-up can be imperceptible at first until symptoms can no longer be ignored. Manipulative techniques that work on muscles and other related structures work well to reduce this tension and stress build-up.

Improves stiffness in the body

Stiffness in the joints can sometimes impede movement and result in discomfort and pain. Osteopathic treatments can help ease this stiffness and provide more freedom for natural movement.

The spine receives support

Over time, bad posture and desk-bound jobs can take their toll on the body, leading to needless pressure on the spine. This unwanted pressure can lead to all sorts of health problems. Seeking osteopathic treatment can provide the spine with the support it needs.

Enhances healing and gives greater joint mobility

By helping to improve blood circulation in the body, osteopathy can help the body to heal faster. Joint problems can restrict the body's movements. Osteopathy improves mobility in the joints so that the body can move freely without experiencing pain.

At Rakhee Osteopathy, we offer tailored osteopathic treatments that provide relief from your particular condition so that you can improve your quality of life. To book your initial consultation, get in touch with our front desk team.


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