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What is osteopathy and how does it work?

osteopath in Chalfont

Osteopathy has been developed with the theory that everything within the body works together and if there is a problem with the structure of a specific body part then it will also affect its function. For example, if a patient's feet are turned inwards this will affect the way they walk, because it will affect the positioning of their knees and the positioning of their hips, as they are all related to one another. Because of this, osteopathy takes a holistic approach in treating symptoms by looking for the cause of a symptom and using this to put together an individually tailored treatment plan to help ease and reduce the symptoms and eventually over time combat them altogether. Osteopathy is involved in many different disorders including the relief of general aches and pains, arthritis, fibromyalgia, neuralgia including sciatica and other musculoskeletal disorders.

Osteopathy for chronic pain

If you are suffering from chronic pain then it is important to understand that osteopathy does not provide instant results. Chronic pain is pain which has been present for a certain period of time, during which many chemical and biological changes have occurred within that part of your body and this can take time to recover and restore back to its original state if that is at all possible. By putting together an individually tailored plan which includes advice with regard to your daily activities, lifestyle choices and nutritional intake, our osteopath in Chalfont will help to reduce your symptoms and improve the quality of your life at the same time. By treating the body as a whole we will achieve a greater overall result than by treating your symptoms alone.

What will happen when I visit the osteopath?

Our osteopath in Chalfont has been thoroughly trained to understand that examination is key. We will take a detailed case history, carry out visual and physical examinations, find out about your symptoms, how long you have been suffering and how it affects your daily activities. Our osteopath in Chalfont will ask whether you are aware of the triggers which worsen your symptoms or ways in which you feel relief. We will find out about any medications that you may be currently taking for your symptoms and any other treatment options that you may have tried and whether or not these have been successful in easing your pain. This may seem like a lengthy procedure however it helps our osteopath in Chalfont tailor your treatment plan accordingly, to make sure that it is beneficial for you, try to find ways in which we can help speed up the process and also to ensure that osteopathic treatment does not cause any detriment to your health or any other existing issues that which you may have.

Speak to us at Rakhee Osteopathy today to find out how osteopathic treatment can help ease your symptoms, either alongside conventional medical treatment or by itself to help provide relief and comfort from your pain and discomfort. Our specialised team have over 13 years of experience in osteopathic treatment, so contact us today to book an appointment and visit us in person to speak to us about your symptoms. Let us assist you on your road to recovery with specialised osteopathic techniques suited to your individual requirements.


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