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What is CFS/ME?

the Perrin Technique in London

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or CFS/ME is a complicated multi-system disorder that affects approximately 17 million people around the world. It is estimated that there are many more who are also affected by this disease but are suffering in silence due to a lack of diagnosis. As the name suggests, CFS/ME is characterised by debilitating fatigue, pain in the muscles and joints, flu-like symptoms and neurological issues such as confusion, lack of coordination, loss of mobility, sleep disturbances and even memory loss. Patients find that they are unable to exert small amounts of energy without experiencing tremendous pain or extreme fatigue.

The varying symptoms of CFS/ME

The symptoms of CFS/ME vary hugely from patient to patient, and it can affect people at any age and from all walks of life, from active athletes to the retired and elderly. It can even affect children as young as 5 years old. CFS/ME is a long-term disorder, and without treatment or management, it can have a devastating impact on your health and all aspects of your life in general. It will also affect your friends and family and others around you.

Here at Rakhee Osteopathy, we are proud practitioners of the Perrin Technique in London, which is designed to help combat the symptoms of this debilitating disease. You can visit our website to have a free online assessment and tell us about your symptoms, how long you have been experiencing these symptoms and what you are looking for from the treatment. We will provide you with a free health review within a short time, letting you know how we can proceed to help you. You can call us to speak with our friendly team in person, or you can book an appointment online. Located very conveniently, we are also able to offer home visits.

CFS/ME and other similar disorders that result in these disabling symptoms vary in degrees of severity. You may be able to care for yourself, carry out light domestic tasks or even continue working but with some pain and tiredness at the same time. Some patients find that their symptoms fluctuate, and they are able to carry out simple activities but experience pain, lethargy, reduced mobility and sleep disturbances. These patients usually stop going to work or carrying out any leisure or social pursuits. Those who suffer from severe CFS/ME are no longer able to carry out any daily activities by themselves, experience severe cognitive dysfunction and are either dependent on a wheelchair or unable to leave the house. At its most extreme, CFS/ME can cause patients to become bed-bound, fully dependent and even required to use a tube to be fed as they are unable to swallow any longer. Speak to us to find out how the Perrin Technique in London can help you.

Depending on the degrees of severity of your symptoms, our highly skilled and experienced practitioners will design a tailored treatment plan, using the Perrin technique in London. This will require time and commitment, but it will help you combat your symptoms or manage them more effectively with time. Speak to us at Rakhee Osteopathy today and find out more.


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