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The role of our osteopath in Chalfont and how they will create a holistic treatment plan for you

osteopath in Chalfont

What is osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a holistic approach to pain relief and promoting optimal wellbeing. It involves all the bones and tissues of the human body and looks at whether they are working well together as a whole or how dysfunction in one part of the body can result in pain and discomfort throughout. The bones and joints need to be in their correct positions, they should move properly and they should also have sufficient blood supply around them for maximum functioning. Our osteopath in Chalfont will check the function of your joints and muscles, and the movement and health of your organs, and try to find connections to the symptoms that you are presenting with. Whether you are looking for osteopathic treatment as an alternative to medication or you have been recommended by your GP or health professional to visit our osteopath in Chalfont, to find out more about osteopathy and how it can help you on the road to recovery, here at Rakhee Osteopathy we have a team of registered osteopaths that are available to help you.

What will happen at your appointment with our osteopath

At your first appointment here at Rakhee Osteopathy with our osteopath in Chalfont, we will speak to you and find out as much information as we can to help put together a case history for you, which will include any injuries and accidents that you may have had throughout your life, and then discuss what symptoms you are presenting with at the moment and why you have sought osteopathic treatment. If you have been recommended by your GP or health professional then we may ask to see any X-ray or scan results that you may have had recently. We will note any medication that you take and any other underlying conditions which you may have, to ensure that any treatment that we carry out is suitable for you and you are not at risk of exacerbating any other conditions in the process.

How our osteopath will devise a treatment plan

We will carry out an observation of your body which may require you to remove some clothing, and we will carry out simple exercises or movements of your limbs to find out your range of motion and your restrictions and pinpoint which locations are painful and why this may be so. We carry out simple mechanical tests, for example observing your body when you breathe in and out, watching you move your head from side to side, as well as examining what happens when you stand on one foot and then the other. We will be lifting your limbs to help us analyse the mechanical functioning of your muscles and joints. Once we have completed the simple mechanical tests, we carry out more specialised tests in different parts of your body according to the symptoms that you are presenting with. We will put all the information together to make a well-informed diagnosis and create an individually tailored treatment plan for you. Speak to our osteopath in Chalfont today. We are here to help you.


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