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The Perrin Technique in London for the diagnosis and management of CFS/ME

The Perrin Technique in London

The diagnosis and treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome or CFS/ME is still a mystery and yet to be agreed upon amongst medical professionals across the world. Research shows that the presentation of certain physical symptoms makes it easier to identify CFS/ME, and manually locating these physical signs and symptoms helps to report a positive diagnosis. The Perrin Technique in London aims to do just this. It looks for physical signs on the body, using sight and touch, which suggests abnormalities that may result in the symptoms presented by patients of CFS/ME. This is a more effective method of identifying the disease in comparison to a process of elimination that may be used by your GP or other health professionals.

What is CFS/ME?

Visit us at Rakhee Osteopathy today if you believe that you may be suffering from CFS/ME or if you have been diagnosed by your health professional. Our team will help diagnose your illness and manage your symptoms so that you can get back to leading a more comfortable and productive life than the situation you may have found yourself in now.

The symptoms of CFS/ME are highly debilitating and can completely take over your life, preventing you from carrying out daily activities or even self care. Beginning with flu-like symptoms, CFS/ME mainly manifests itself as extreme lethargy, aches in muscles and joints, a loss of mobility and impaired cognitive function. However, the extent of the symptoms can vary from patient to patient.

The Perrin Technique

Here at Rakhee Osteopathy, we are proud practitioners of The Perrin Technique, and we have been recognised for our excellence in delivering the Perrin Technique by Dr Raymond Perrin himself.

Dr Perrin is the pioneer of The Perrin technique in London. He has been researching CFS/ME ever since 1989 when he inadvertently used osteopathic massage techniques to help eliminate a cyclist's symptoms of chronic fatigue. Over the last 30 years, Dr Perrin has been honing these techniques to aid in the diagnosis of CFS/ME and the management of the debilitating symptoms that this disease and other similar diseases may present.

The Perrin Technique for long-COVID

Following the infection with COVID-19, many people have presented with symptoms of long-COVID. This is described as ongoing tiredness and fatigue that lasts for weeks or even months after the infection has cleared. This is similar to the symptoms experienced by those suffering from CFS/ME, although they may not be as severe.

If you are suffering from symptoms of long-COVID or CFS/ME, then please speak to our team at Rakhee Osteopathy today and find out more about The Perrin Technique in London. We will assess your symptoms and use our diagnostic techniques to help you understand your symptoms more coherently. This will also help us put together an individually tailored treatment plan to help you manage your symptoms and promote better vitality and overall wellbeing. Let us help you begin your journey on the road to recovery very soon.


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