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Managing the symptoms of Long COVID with The Perrin Technique

Updated: Jan 15, 2023

The Perrin Technique

The long-term effects of coronavirus, also known as a long COVID, have been investigated perplexing researchers and doctors for the past two years. Long COVID is when COVID symptoms persist for months or even years. It has attracted a lot of attention as millions of people across the world have been affected by the virus and felt that they did not fully recover even after testing negative. Long COVID has a lot of resemblance to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or CFS/ME. However, during and since the pandemic this is the first time that so many millions of people have been experiencing symptoms like this.

There is no globally accepted definition of Long COVID, but it is recognised as symptoms that last typically for a month or longer after the onset of the illness and there are no alternative diagnoses. Sometimes the symptoms can go away but may return after a certain period of time. Many people find that they recover after their infection, however, a few months later they notice symptoms which they did not have before being infected by COVID-19.

Symptoms vary from patient to patient, common symptoms include tiredness, fatigue, a persistent cough, a difference in breathing and even a loss of taste or smell. Other symptoms include a change in heart rate and blood pressure, headaches, aches and pains and even changes in cognitive function. CFS/ME is similar, where patients experience extreme fatigue to an extent where they can eventually become bed-bound. The symptoms can be different between patients that it is difficult to diagnose or treat these diseases. Long COVID and CFS/ME can affect people of all ages, genders, medical conditions and lifestyles.

The Perrin Technique London

Here at Rakhee Osteopathy we are pleased to offer The Perrin Technique to help diagnose and manage the symptoms for diseases such as Long COVID and CFS/ME. We use osteopathic massage techniques to help remove toxins from your body and promote better health and wellbeing. COVID-19 may cause an overload on the body's organ systems and therefore it is thought that by encouraging better drainage of the toxins that build up in the body The Perrin Technique will help improve all bodily functions, relieve the symptoms and help you get your life back on track once more.

The Perrin Technique has been used for many years to manage the symptoms of CFS/ME, so whether you have a positive diagnosis or you feel that you are suffering from symptoms of CFS/ME or Long COVID, visit our website or give us a call and and book an appointment to visit us in person. Looking for Long COVID Treatment in London? We can analyse your symptoms, help provide you with a positive diagnosis for them and put together an individually tailored treatment plan to manage your symptoms safely and positively and get you back on your feet. We are award-winning practitioners of The Perrin Technique and with our knowledge and expertise we can help you achieve a better quality of life and promote better health and wellbeing for the future.


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