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Let's talk about The Perrin Technique in London

The Perrin Technique in London

So, you’ve found this post. There could be a number of reasons for that and luckily, we can help with them all. Maybe you’re suffering from a condition like CFS/ME, fibromyalgia or Long- covid. Somebody could have recommended The Perrin Technique in London to you and now you need more information. Maybe you’re at a loss of where to go next - the medication didn’t work at all or or not enough and you need a new treatment plan. That’s where we’re happy to step in with our all natural, no medication treatment; The Perrin Technique in London.

Here at Rakhee Osteopathy, we never look at symptoms on their own. We understand that everybody is different and their reactions to a condition are too, so the approach must also be unique. By looking at the body as a whole, we’re able to find the source among a plethora of symptoms that could be hiding it well. By targeting the source, we can alleviate symptoms and start to offer relief from pain that might stop you from going about life the way you want.

In this article, we’ll discuss how The Perrin Technique in London came about and why it works as well as the benefits we know you deserve.

The beginning

CFS/ME, a condition we treat with our technique, and its symptoms are caused by the buildup of toxins in the brain and spinal cord that build up and add pressure to the nervous and lymphatic systems, causing pain and fatigue as well as many other ailments. The body is very clever, though, and in a healthy system creates points that allow the toxins to drain out and become detoxified in the liver, no longer causing harm to yourself. Those who suffer from CFS/ME do not have this luxury. These points have often become congested over time and have a back-flow of the toxins, so instead of draining out they are becoming more inflamed and causing more symptoms. The congestion caused in these spaces will cause a vicious cycle.

The treatment

If you read the above paragraph closely, it might seem obvious to you that these very painful symptoms are caused by this blockage and toxin build up. In some events, the body might repair itself and allow the healthy systems to drain again, but when stressors and damage have only been adding to the system breakdown over years, it is unlikely this will happen. Using our technique, we can manually stimulate the motion of the fluid to get the lymph moving again. We will also use soft tissue massages across the head, neck, back and chest to direct the toxins to the drainage points, where they can become neutralised and curb the vicious cycle of inflammation, infection and pain.


This Perrin Technique can also be used to treat Long-covid. When a patient has Long-covid, they can suffer from symptoms such as aches and pains, dizziness, headaches, fatigue and many more. As the toxins are often created by infections such as covid, it stands to reason that we can use this technique again to help drain the toxins from the body. Cranial and spinal techniques combined with soft tissue massages across the head, neck, back and chest can help to alleviate the symptoms.


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