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Cerebrospinal fluid and its role in chronic fatigue syndrome

Perrin technique in London

The Perrin technique in London comes from Ray Perrin’s original fortunate treatment of a chronic fatigue syndrome in-patient, who appeared to be suffering from severe poor posture in the cervical spine. The question remains what was the connection between the cervical spine being corrected and the sudden cessation of the chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms?

There have been many theories as to the causes of chronic fatigue syndrome, but nothing definitive. Many chronic fatigue syndrome patients suffer from severe muscular pain and although not apparent why, inflammation in the peripheries is still noticed. Dr Perrin theorised based on two axioms; that one of the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome was a result of an increase in inflammation factors in cerebrospinal fluid and that's even though there was no definitive evidence of an association between cerebrospinal fluid and the lymphatic system. Secondly, during the corrections he had made of his patient's cervical spine, he had stimulated the lymph vessels found in the neck which had drained the cerebrospinal fluid of its excess inflammation factors. At the time, this was a bold hypothesis although it fitted his observations - and medical evidence for it was lacking.

Progress in anatomy

In general, anatomy is seen as a very old and well-established field of conventional medicine, one for which there is very little research, time and money allocated, as it is largely considered completed. Perrin felt that this was an arrogant position to take and that the apparent dissociation between the lymphatic system and cerebrospinal fluid was not a reasonable conclusion and that although some form of barrier should be expected to prevent infection from entering the central nervous system, a drainage system of sorts must be associated with the cerebral spinal fluid in order to regulate its chemical composition.

Our implementation of the Perrin technique

We at Rakhee Osteopathy are very pleased to be able to offer Dr Perrin’s highly progressive technique for the management of chronic fatigue syndrome; this is actually the mainstay of our clinic. We are experienced at alleviating the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome and we are always happy to see patients who may be in a pre-diagnosed state in the management of their health.

A central part of the Perrin technique in London practice to begin with was that there was a somewhat lost art in the medical field based on the manipulation of joints and applying pressure to the body in order to alleviate illness. It seems that through manual lymphatic drainage and its association with cerebrospinal fluid, the mechanisms behind these manual therapeutic manipulation techniques is becoming known and increasingly accepted.

Non-medical uses with the Perrin technique

The Perrin technique in London is very much a medical procedure, however, because of its extremely low risk and lack of invasive element there is no reason why this technique cannot be used as part of a general health or self-care routine, as it is not explicitly associated with any diagnosed condition. If you wish to pursue your treatment using the Perrin technique in a non-medical setting, we are more than happy to discuss this as part of your introduction to the clinic.


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