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What is osteopathy?

Osteopath in Chalfont

Osteopathy is a primary health care profession and can be either referred to you by the GP or can be chosen as an attractive alternative to medication and painkillers if you are looking for complementary medicine. Osteopaths are statutory regulated so you can rest assured that you are in safe hands. Here at Rakhee Osteopathy we are a double award winning clinic and our practitioners have almost 15 years of experience in looking after patients and now we are here to help you. Book a consultation with your Osteopath in Chalfont to find out more about the treatments and services we have to offer.

Osteopathy mainly focuses on the importance of muscles, joints and ligaments in the body. Muscles and joints make up the bulk of the body, and all bodily functions other than thinking, require muscles and joints to function properly. By positively influencing your muscles and joints, your Osteopath in Chalfont can effectively impact other systems of the body, alleviating any symptoms you may be suffering from and result in overall wellbeing.

Osteopathy uses the principle that the body is a whole, focusing on a holistic approach, and is patient focused rather than disease focused. Each person is unique and even with the same symptoms may require different treatments. By looking at the causes of the symptoms rather than the symptoms themselves, your Osteopath in Chalfont can create an individually tailored treatment plan and advice on lifestyle changes such as nutritional advice, exercise to help improve your overall wellbeing and treat the symptoms which you may be suffering from.

All diseases affect people differently, with completely different predisposing factors. Osteopathy appreciates these other factors rather than focusing solely on the symptoms of the disease which results in effective treatment in comparison to painkillers alone. Osteopathy is a manual therapy which means the use of hands to carry out treatment, and palpation which is the use of finger tips to help in the evaluation and management of the issue.

What happens at the osteopath?

At your initial appointment your Osteopath in Chalfont will firstly find out your case history. We are interested in your background and your symptoms and we will try to find a connection between your lifestyle and the symptoms you are presenting with to help understand your issues better.

We will observe your posture, how you walk, how you sit down, how you sit and how you stand up. Good posture is vital to good overall health and our role is to initially help improve this to help improve your symptoms. You will undergo both active and passive examinations and we will also find out about any underlying diseases to ensure that you are safe to undergo osteopathic treatment. Then an individually tailored treatment plan can be created from a wide range of techniques, such as soft tissue technique, similar to massage but trying to bring about change in the muscle and increase circulation, high velocity thrust techniques, also known as clicking of the joints and articulation which means we feel what is happening during treatment, and base the technique on this.

Speak to us here at Rakhee Osteopathy and find out much more about our treatments and services available to help you.


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