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The Perrin Technique in London for managing symptoms of tiredness and fatigue

The Perrin Technique in London

The Perrin Technique in London has been used over the last three decades in the diagnosis and management of the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome or CFS/ME. CFS/ME is a complicated multisystem disorder that can affect people from all walks of life at any age. It displays a wide array of debilitating symptoms, beginning with tiredness, fatigue and flu-like symptoms, which progress rapidly and affect the patient's ability to carry out daily activities, causing extreme lethargy when attempting to do so. Eventually, CFS/ME can affect the patient’s coordination, mobility and even their cognitive functions, resulting in impaired memory and a lack of concentration. Over time, patients can be left wheelchair-bound and even bed-bound to the extent that they are unable to do anything for themselves.

CFS/ME varies from patient to patient

CFS/ME varies from patient to patient; therefore, much confusion and mystery still surround the aetiology, pathophysiology, diagnosis and treatment of this disease. The most widely accepted criteria for a positive diagnosis of CFS/ME used to be a minimum 6-month period of fatigue alongside other symptoms such as sore throat, muscle pain and stiffness, headaches, sleep disturbance, poor memory, lack of concentration and other similar symptoms. This criterion results in many people remaining undiagnosed but suffering from such symptoms for many years with their lives completely on hold.

Potential causes of CFS/ME

The Perrin Technique in London uses a system of manual techniques that help in both the positive diagnosis and the gradual management of the symptoms of CFS/ME. There are different factors that are thought to be responsible for the symptoms of this disease. These include abnormalities of the endocrine system, immune system or nervous system, which may be triggered by bacteria, viruses or environmental toxins and pollutants entering the body. It is also thought to occur as a result of dysfunction of the lymphatic system, which is responsible for draining toxins from the body. This means that there is a buildup of toxins around the brain and in the cerebrospinal fluid, which results in the debilitating symptoms that can be seen in this disease.

The Perrin Technique

The Perrin Technique in London is based on the hypothesis that CFS/ME occurs as a result of insufficient lymphatic drainage, which causes toxins to build up in the lymph, resulting in the swelling of specific lymph vessels that can then be manually detected, suggesting a positive diagnosis. This hypothesis was put together by Dr Raymond Perrin, a neuroscientist and osteopath who has been researching CFS/ME since 1989. He then put together a system of massage techniques that can be used to encourage the movement of lymph and, in turn, lymphatic drainage to help ease the symptoms that can be seen in CFS/ME patients. It is thought that these techniques can also help ease the symptoms that patients experience following COVID-19 infection, also known as long-COVID, which causes tiredness and fatigue. Speak to us at Rakhee Osteopathy today to find out more about The Perrin Technique and how it can help manage your symptoms, whether you are suffering from CFS/ME, long-COVID or general tiredness and fatigue.


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