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The Perrin Technique in London

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

If you’ve heard about osteopathy, craniosacral therapy, and the Perrin Technique in London you may have raised your eyebrows and nodded slowly thinking that whoever was telling you about it was off their rocker, and certainly, it sounds utterly fantastical; letting the body heal itself through manual manipulation and movement however this treatment for CFS/ME Fibromyalgia, Lyme Disease and other neurological conditions can be used with great success and with 30 years of development behind the technique, there is nothing there that can be ignored, in fact, if you suffer from chronic pain and fatigue, its time to sit up and pay attention, your quality of life depends on it.

The Perrin Technique in London

The premise

After treating a cyclist for poor posture through osteopathy, Dr. Ray Perrin noted his patients’ improvement in other areas of his life, prompting a curiosity for what changed in this patient’s body through the manipulations he was performing in his treatment. From this, the Perrin Technique in London was born and the doctor developed a theory that if our bodies hold onto toxins and have certain channels to release them, then surely the brain must have something similar too...right? But in patients with neurological conditions and CFS and Fibromyalgia, their ‘toxic brain’ isn’t releasing any of the bad stuff, but rather holding onto it causing the dreadful symptoms many of you experience in your daily lives.

This theory has far-reaching implications for Alzheimer’s patients and the like the main focus of the treatment is to help patients with CFS/ME thus allowing osteopathy to gain some traction in the treatment of these conditions.

The benefits

There are different kinds of stressors that the body may endure; Physical (as in the case with injury), Infections (often viral infections cause stress on the body), emotional (this can come from work or family life) and environmental (chemical exposure, however mild, can cause stress on the body). Once the body goes through these stressors it is normal for it to place the toxins that it takes in as well as the toxins it produces (like cortisol) and sends it through the lymphatic system and out through the liver. However, in people with chronic fatigue and pain, their bodies don’t release these toxins correctly and the build-up causes these disorders. Osteopathy and The Perrin Technique in London moves and manipulates the body in such a way that the blockages that are keeping these toxins inside you are opened up thus allowing the natural process of the lymphatic system to take place bringing you relief from the symptoms which are making your life unpleasant.

Once these symptoms are relived you are able to begin to pay attention to the things that help you manage pain and fatigue and it will also help you find the triggers that flare up the symptoms on your bad days or weeks. Being able to get the chance to see this for yourself is important and it is part of the process of understanding your unique body and how to adapt to life after a diagnosis.


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