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Need help managing chronic fatigue syndrome? A brief guide to the Perrin Technique

A very common disorder in the UK, over 1 million people suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome.

the Perrin Technique in London

As the name suggests, a characteristic trait of this disorder is exhaustion, which cannot be linked to another illness like depression or narcolepsy. Unfortunately, this would be easier to manage if sleeping aided the fatigue, but for sufferers of chronic fatigue, they often find sleep unhelpful or may find it difficult to sleep at night at all.

The symptoms do not end there, with many people reporting pain throughout their body, tender lymph nodes, memory issues, and recurrent headaches. At present, there is no cure for chronic fatigue, but there are many things that sufferers can do to manage the symptoms more successfully.

One way many patients try to manage their symptoms is with the use of osteopathy, which encourages the manipulation of the soft tissues, muscles, and bones - this is where we come in!

At Rakhee Osteopathy, we can offer sufferers of chronic fatigue syndrome a targeted treatment known as the Perrin Technique in London. Developed by Dr. Ray Perrin, this technique has been tested multiple times over the last 30 years and has been found to be exceedingly effective in helping sufferers of chronic fatigue to function.

But how does the Perrin Technique in London work? What is the underlying methodology which makes it suitable for managing chronic fatigue? Read on to find out.

Lymph nodes and chronic fatigue

In the human body, there are approximately 500-600 lymph nodes, with clusters in the armpits, groin, neck, abdomen, and chest. They are associated with swelling in size when a person is ill, in order to produce more white blood cells to kill an infection or virus.

In many cases of chronic fatigue syndrome, once the offending virus has been destroyed, the lymph nodes don't decrease in size; this issue has been linked to an exacerbation of chronic fatigue problems, causing lower levels of general functionality.

How does the Perrin Technique in London help?

In order for these clogged lymph nodes to drain, our osteopaths will gently massage the lymph nodes, assisting them in drainage and allowing them to decrease in size.

In essence, the Perrin Technique in London is a soft tissue massage, targeted towards the clusters of lymph nodes, manually stimulating them to drain. Once they have, the excess waste is removed by the lymphatic system’s normal process; filtering the accumulated liquids into the blood where they are filtered by the liver and kidneys. Simple!

Are there side effects?

As odd as it sounds, once you have completed the set of massages, you may feel initially worse.

However, Dr. Perrin advises that this is perfectly normal, and it can even predict a better long-term outcome. Initially, you may notice a worsening of the symptoms of chronic fatigue, but this is temporary and should not last longer than 14 days approximately. Within a few days of completing the massages, you should notice a boost in energy, better sleeping habits, a clearer memory, and fewer headaches.


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