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How the Perrin technique in London can work for you

Updated: May 1, 2021

For those individuals who are suffering from post-viral fatigue amongst other conditions of the body caused by systematic malfunctions such as Lyme disease or Fibromyalgia, then the Perrin technique in London is a treatment that could be exactly what you are looking for to aid in your recovery.

the Perrin technique in London

This particular practice is based on the theory that stress factors build up in the body over time which results in an overload of the sympathetic nervous system. These stress factors can be physical, as a result of injury or issues with your posture, infectious, caused by bacteria or a virus, emotional, whereby you are overworked or are experiencing complications with family or friends, environmental, which could be an exposure to toxins or allergens or usually, a combination of these.

As a result of these pressures building up in your body, toxins can accumulate around your spinal cord and brain. The Perrin technique in London acts by removing these toxins and allowing for better drainage of the lymphatic system. Promoting this healthier flow and functioning of your lymphatic and sympathetic nervous system, you will feel better over time, as long as no additional stressors begin to impact your wellbeing yet again.

It is important to consider what stressful impacts you might be exposing yourself to, whether it is unintentional or completely unknown, so then in addition to the physical manipulation of the Perrin technique in London, you can work on reducing, or ideally, eliminating these factors from your life. This will result in the most positive outcome. We do work on supporting you through this and guiding you to understanding how you can make the most out of our treatments for a more robust result.

What can I expect from a consultation?

Your initial consultation will take 90 minutes and includes a thorough examination of your situation so that we are able to best identify the path that needs to be taken together. A bespoke treatment plan is established through our discussion together at this time in addition to the physical examination. We will ask you what might be having a negative impact on your health so that we can explain how this treatment will best work for you. As the research is thorough and supportive of the claims that we make on its effectiveness, we will ensure that you are on board with it all and answer any questions you may have regarding this.

The full physical assessment includes the examination of spinal and breast tissue, so if you wish to have a chaperone accompany you, then you are more than welcome. We ensure your comfort and talk you through the examination so that you are aware of what we need to do. You will need to sign a consent form prior to the examination taking place so that we are all on the same page.

A prognosis and a follow up treatment plan is given during this initial consultation, giving you a timeline that we can work towards, allowing you to see the changes in your wellbeing over time.


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