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Chronic Fatigue relief with The Perrin Technique

chronic fatigue relief London

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome also known as Myalgic Encephalomyelitis or CFS/ME is a devastating illness that is thought to affect approximately 1% of the population. As the name suggests the main symptom is unexplained fatigue that results in an inability to perform tasks that were previously part of the patient’s daily life. This fatigue worsens after any physical or mental activity known as post exertional malaise and does not go away after rest or sleep. Sleep disturbances are also a common symptom of CFS/ME and this adds to the tiredness. In 2023 CFS/ME still remains a black hole of medicine and although much research has been carried out into CFS/ME there is no definitive treatment and many people suffer for months and even years with variable symptoms ranging from headaches, fever, aches and pains to loss of mobility and becoming housebound. Studies show that approximately 75% of patients are unable to carry on with their normal lives or go to work and a staggering 25% are housebound.

What is The Perrin Technique?

If you have been diagnosed with CFS/ME or if you are presenting with similar symptoms then you need to speak to us at Rakhee Osteopathy and find out about Chronic Fatigue relief London. At Rakhee Osteopathy we have over 16 years of extensive experience in helping patients with CFS/ME manage their symptoms and in time helping to alleviate them all together. We use The Perrin Technique which is an osteopathic massage technique initially developed by Dr Raymond Perrin, a neuroscientist and osteopath who inadvertently treated a patient suffering from CFS/ME with osteopathic massage. This includes specialist massage of the head, neck, back, chest and spine to improve fluid motion around the body especially around the brain and spinal cord. Manipulation of the spine is thought to help remove toxins from the cerebrospinal fluid and specialist osteopathic massage of the neck, back and chest are designed to remove toxins from the lymphatic system and into the blood. The massage also improves blood circulation and in this way the toxins can be quickly transported to the liver where they can be detoxified or excreted by the kidneys.

We will put together an individually tailored treatment plan that will help achieve Chronic Fatigue relief London. This will include multiple sessions of osteopathic massage therapy. We will not be able to achieve instant results, but over time by improving lymph flow and blood flow the toxins will be removed from the cerebrospinal fluid and from the circulatory system and eventually we will be able to restore the homeostasis of the body so that it can function correctly. Speak to us at Rakhee Osteopathy today to find out more. By visiting our website you will be able to read how patients who have suffered from CFS/ME for many years have benefitted from The Perrin Technique and have improved Chronic Fatigue relief London. Book an appointment at your convenience and either visit us in person or if your symptoms have left you housebound or unable to travel, let us come and visit you.


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