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What is chronic fatigue syndrome, CFS?

Perrin technique in London

Chronic fatigue syndrome is a chronic illness which can affect anyone at any stage of their life, including those as young as 5 years old up to the elderly. It can affect males or females and makes no difference whether you are a trained athlete, have a busy hectic lifestyle or are a stay-at-home parent. Symptoms include intense lethargy, pain in muscles and joints, confusion, lack of coordination and other debilitating issues so much so that often sufferers find it difficult to get out of bed. A huge 400,000 people are affected by CFS in the UK at least and perhaps many more are suffering in silence. Doctors still have not found a definitive cause or treatment plan to help those suffering with this condition.

Dr Perrin’s investigation

Dr Raymond Perrin carried out an investigation on a cyclist who was experiencing lower back pain and restricted upper back who had also suffered from CFS for 7 years. Whilst providing osteopathic treatment for his back pain, Dr Perrin found that the patient's symptoms of CFS were also improving and within a few months he was symptom free.

In a healthy human body there is a build up of poisons in the cerebrospinal fluid from the spine and the brain which is drained by the lymphatic system. In CFS there is a drainage problem in the brain and spine and therefore the build up of toxins in the cerebrospinal fluid results in symptoms of the disease. Dr Perrin put all this information together and developed the Perrin technique in London.

We have almost 15 years of experience as a double-award winning practitioner of the Perrin technique, so speak to our specialist team here at Rakhee Osteopathy today with confidence and find out more about the benefits of this treatment.

What is the Perrin technique?

The Perrin technique in London involves getting the lymphatic system to work correctly so that toxins from the cerebrospinal fluid are being drained effectively, meaning that they do not build up in the nervous system. This is carried out using refined massage techniques, gentle manipulation of the spine and gentle articulation techniques which have been found to stimulate the lymphatic system and improve fluid movement within the spinal cord to remove toxins from the body more effectively.

Over the last few decades the Perrin technique in London has provided hope so that you do not need to let ME/CFS dictate your life. Take control and speak to us at Rakhee Osteopathy as soon as you realise that you may be experiencing signs of fatigue or any other symptoms which may be related to CFS/ME. The earlier you speak to us the less of a chance there is of ME/CFS further affecting your lifestyle, career or loved ones and the easier the treatment process can be. Call us to find out more today.


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