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The Perrin Technique - treatment pathway for CFS/ME patients

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

At Rakhee Osteopathy we are proud to provide the Perrin Technique in London to the highest standard. This technique was developed in 1989 and is now used worldwide in the treatment of CFS/ME and has been successfully trialled by the NHS for a study in its role in diagnostics. So, what should you expect if you're attending a session at our clinic?

the Perrin Technique in London

Our lead practitioner

We are lucky to have Rakhee Mediratta as our lead practitioner at our clinic. Her skills in osteopathy and craniosacral therapies merges well with the wealth of experience that she has developed working in various clinics in central London and the surrounding areas.

She holds a degree in osteopathic medicine and a diploma in Naturopathic Medicine. She has also had the advantage of working alongside Dr Ray Perrin, the developer and authority behind the treatment.

The core of the technique

The purpose of the Perrin Technique in London we provide is to assist with the drainage of the lymphatic system, by manually stimulating the vessels. This is achieved by articulating joints and resting and stretching muscle groups in specific sequences while applying external pressure along the lymphatic vessels. Timing these treatments with craniosacral rhythm to maximise the effectiveness of our sessions is key to this technique.

There are many less focused osteopathic techniques used for general wellbeing, de-stressing or sporting performance, but the Perrin Technique in London is dedicated to the treatment of CFS/ME. Therefore, we start by exploring the likelihood of CFS/ME unless you already have a diagnosis.

Diagnosing CFS/ME

During the development of the technique, commonalities were observed in a group of CFS/ME patients, which were detected by palpation of muscular-skeletal physiology of the back and spine along with a more generalised physical examination. This allows us to rapidly triage you on the same day you visit us and decide whether a treatment session would be beneficial in your personal case towards alleviating symptoms.

The treatment schedule

The vessels of the lymphatic system are responsible for the return of tissue fluid from across the body back into the cardiovascular system, opening out into the superior vena cava; a large vein close to the heart. The lymphatic system (unlike the venous system) has no central pump but the vessels do contain valves which prevent the backflow of tissue fluid and relies on the motion of skeletal muscles and compression the vessels to move the fluids within them.

During sessions with us, systematic use of muscle contractions and massaging the vessels in the direction of the lymph flow will be used to assess your lymphatic system, to return congested tissue fluid while relieving swollen lymph nodes of the chest and neck. This allows the refreshing of cerebral spinal fluid which elevates the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome ( CFS ) myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME).

For more information or if you have any queries personal to you, feel free to contact us at our clinic.


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