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The Perrin Technique London for CFS/ME and fibromyalgia

The Perrin Technique London

The Perrin Technique in London is a well-researched osteopathic technique, which can be used in the management of the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS/ME) and fibromyalgia. These are complicated disorders that differ from patient to patient, but The Perrin Technique London is used to provide a positive diagnosis for these diseases and help ease and often combat the symptoms altogether. If you suffer from CFS/ME or fibromyalgia and other similar illnesses, then you need to speak to our team at Rakhee Osteopathy. Whether you have a positive diagnosis for your illness or are looking for answers, our award-winning practitioner will be able to create a tailored treatment plan for you.

The Perrin Technique London recognises that there are certain features that help provide a positive diagnosis for CFS/ME and you will undergo a medical assessment and a physical examination to determine whether these features can be identified and whether you suffer from CFS/ME or other similar diseases.

The symptoms of CFS/ME and fibromyalgia

CFS/ME is a multisystem disorder, which means it can affect multiple aspects of your health. It is characterised by extreme fatigue that does not go away with rest. Healthy patients find themselves bed-bound for months or even years. It is thought to be caused as a result of a buildup of toxins in the body, and there are many hypotheses around this.

Common symptoms include sleep disturbances, such as problems falling asleep and waking up often during the night. Patients experience cognitive problems, including poor memory and a loss of concentration. Other common symptoms include headaches, feeling dizzy or sick and general flu-like symptoms. Some patients experience loss of mobility and have to be confined to a wheelchair or bed. Widespread body aches and pains are other symptoms of CFS/ME. Such aches and pains are also found in patients suffering from fibromyalgia. Both types of patients experience fatigue and exhaustion as well as anxiety and depression, and patients suffering from fibromyalgia experience neck pain, nerve pain, back pain and muscle stiffness and spasms. Both CFS/ME and fibromyalgia are highly debilitating; therefore, you must speak to us at Rakhee Osteopathy sooner rather than later and find out about The Perrin Technique London so that we can provide you with a suitable treatment plan.

The Perrin Technique

The Perrin Technique consists of osteopathic massage techniques, which have been specifically selected to encourage better lymphatic drainage around the body as well as increased blood circulation. It is thought that with increased lymphatic drainage, more toxins will be removed from the cells of the body and either metabolised or excreted, allowing the body's organ systems to function more effectively. You will require regular massage sessions at the clinic, and over time, you will notice a reduction in your symptoms. Compliance is key, and we will show you some specific exercises that you can perform at home and advise you on certain aspects of your lifestyle, such as nutrition, to help improve your health and well-being further. Visit our website and speak to us at Rakhee Osteopathy today; let us help you combat your symptoms and enjoy better health very soon.


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