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Osteopathy in the treatment of chronic pain

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Chronic pain is defined as pain that has been present in a particular location of your body for over 3 months. You may be looking for an alternative to your pain medication or you may have been referred to your osteopath in Chalfont by your GP, to try osteopathy in conjunction with your medication. Here at Rakhee Osteopathy we have a team of registered, experienced osteopaths who are here to help you on your journey to pain relief. Unfortunately it has been found that by the time a client visits the osteopathy clinic, they have usually endured chronic pain over a long period of time, often several years or even decades of suffering. In such cases osteopathic treatment will not offer an immediate solution, as over the years the persistent pain would have resulted in various different physical and chemical changes in the body which will take time and perseverance for recovery. Osteopathy takes a holistic approach to recovery and you can be sure that our friendly and expert osteopath in Chalfont here at Rakhee Osteopathy has your best interests at heart, and over time we will help you achieve optimal wellbeing, an improved state of mind and a better quality of life altogether.

The holistic approach of osteopathy

The holistic approach of osteopathy here with your osteopath in Chalfont takes into account structural issues of the body, biochemical imbalances and emotional wellbeing and states that all three aspects have to be addressed for successful recovery and pain relief.

Structural issues of the body are corrected using osteopathic techniques, such as specialised and tailored massages, stretching of the body and manipulation of the muscles and joints using movement and exercise. These techniques are utilised to address weakness in certain parts of the body, restricted movement and other related issues.

The biochemical aspect of osteopathy is concerned with looking at the blood which is passing through the site of your pain or injury. By providing nutritional advice your osteopath can make sure that your diet is healthy and does not consist of pro-inflammatory products which may filter into your blood and worsen your symptoms or slow down your recovery.

Emotional issues affect our health in many ways and stress is a significant factor in many diseases, ranging from sleep disorders and eating disorders, to anxiety and high blood pressure, leading to cardiovascular disease and other major illnesses. Stress causes the body to release cortisol, high levels of which lead to further inflammation.

Exercise is extremely important on the road to recovery, but unfortunately patients with chronic pain often believe that exercise may exacerbate their symptoms and therefore there is a reluctance amongst such patients to take up exercise of any form. However this leads to further worsening of their symptoms as without movement and light exercise there is less chance of increasing healthy blood flow to your location of pain, and therefore less chance of recovery. Your osteopath will supervise your exercise and set up a treatment plan for you tailored to your individual requirements. By taking a holistic approach to do this, your osteopath in Chalfont will help you achieve an effective and long-term recovery that can change your life around.


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