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How the Perrin technique in London can provide relief

Updated: May 1, 2021

Osteopathy can offer patients relief from many different physical ailments such as general aches and pains, joint pain, poor circulation, tension or the inability to relax, post-viral fatigue, muscle spasms, brain fog and so on. We have a number of different techniques available that have been rigorously tested through clinical trials with positive results, offering you peace of mind when choosing this style of treatment to help with your discomfort.

The Perrin technique in London offers a very specific way of removing toxins in your body that may have accumulated as a result of a poor lymphatic drainage ability or through issues with your liver. We absorb toxins in our bodies in a various number of ways, whether it be a physical manifestation of our own physical or emotional stress, or it be due to a bacteria or virus, an allergy or pollution.

Patients report many benefits from this treatment but it's largely unknown as many of us do not comprehend complications that we do not see. Thankfully, scientific research has enabled us to study and make positive changes to conditions such as post-viral fatigue, CFS and ME through the Perrin technique in London.

If you are interested in discovering more about this procedure and wonder whether this might be suitable for your unique situation, then you are welcome to contact us directly to book a consultation, or you can, in the first instance, find out more about this treatment by completing a free online assessment.

During this assessment, we ask what your main symptoms are and how long you have had them for, as well as what you are wanting to realistically achieve through a treatment. You will receive back information that is designed for you to understand how the Perrin technique in London can have a positive impact on your life.

Through case studies, clinical trials and testimonials, you can discover the changes that this treatment has had on other people’s lives and wellbeing and you are invited freely to ask questions so that you can feel fully informed about this option. Only then can you truly make a decision as to whether you can benefit from removing toxins in your body and allowing better drainage and flow of your lymphatic and sympathetic nervous systems.

How does it work?

Essentially, this treatment manually stimulates motion of the fluid around your spinal cord and brain to remove blockages and bring an easier flow of the fluid there, including better drainage of the very essential lymphatic system. We do this with specific massage and gentle manipulation of the head, neck, back and chest areas.

Because we do need to examine the entire spine and breast tissue, you are welcome to bring along a support person if you feel a little uncomfortable with this. In addition, we do ask that you sign a consent form, so that you are completely aware of what the treatment entails and are fine with this manipulation of your body for the purpose of this treatment.

Over time, we expect you to feel improved, as long as you do not apply additional stressors to your life in the meantime.


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