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Dr Perrin’s research into chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS/ME)

Perrin technique in London

The mystery around CFS/ME

Chronic fatigue syndrome also known as CFS/ME used to be a mysterious illness because there were no defined classifications which could determine the exact causes, symptoms or a universally approved treatment of the disease. Much research has been carried out on CFS/ME over the last three decades, which includes that by osteopath Dr Raymond Perrin who was treating a patient who was suffering with lower back problems as well as CFS/ME. During the osteopathic treatment of his lower back pain the patient was also cured of the symptoms of CFS/ME. This sparked an idea in Dr Perrin’s mind which began many years of investigation into the causes and treatment of this debilitating and often devastating disease.

How does CFS/ME affect the body?

Dr Perrin found that a build-up of toxins in the nervous system as a result of impairment of the lymphatic drainage system was the cause of the symptoms of CFS/ME. Cerebrospinal fluid is the fluid found in the brain and spine. This fluid is filtered by the lymphatic system and toxins are removed and sent to the liver where they are eventually excreted by the urinary system. In CFS/ME patients it has been found that the lymphatic system is not working sufficiently and therefore dangerous toxins are building up in the cerebrospinal fluid and affecting the functioning of the nervous system, which results in the debilitating symptoms of this chronic disease. CFS/ME can begin with lethargy, confusion and lack of coordination and can eventually leave the patient bedridden and completely unable to carry out any of their daily activities. This can have a devastating effect on all aspects of life, affecting one's family life, social life, career and finances.

The Perrin technique in London

Dr Perrin’s research helped pioneer the Perrin technique in London. It was found that most of the patients with CFS/ME that visited Dr Perrin were also suffering from spinal disorders. Specialised massage techniques of the head, back and spine were found to help reduce back pain, but also stimulate the lymphatic system into action, to remove the toxins from the cerebrospinal fluid, resulting in the combating of the symptoms of both the spinal disorder of the patient, as well as the symptoms of CFS/ME. These massage techniques and the stimulation of the lymphatic drainage system became known as the Perrin technique in London.

The Perrin technique at Rakhee Osteopathy

Here at Rakhee Osteopathy we have been practising the Perrin technique for many years and we are now a double-award winning practitioner of this therapy. We have helped improve the lives of many patients who have been suffering with spinal disorders and with CFS/ME. Speak to our expert team and find out how Rakhee Osteopathy can help you get your life back with the Perrin technique in London. We understand how devastating the effects of CFS/ME can be on your life and your loved ones and we want to use our knowledge and expertise to help you. The earlier you are able to speak to us and book yourself a consultation the quicker we can address your symptoms and help you combat this disease.


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